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Cyber Six is one of many genetically engineered warriors created during World War II by the German scientist Von Reichter. The titular heroine is the only one to escape alive when Reichter destroys his creations. She hides out in the city of Meridiana, where she disguises herself as the mild-mannered male librarian Adrian Seidelman during the day, donning a skintight catsuit to leap across the rooftops at night. She is accompanied by Data Seven, formerly warrior Cyber 29, who was mortally wounded and whose brain was transplanted into a large black panther. Meanwhile, Reichter sends Jose, a child clone of himself, to track down and destroy his errant creation. Jose does so with an army of mutants, whose green "substance" (not blood, the producers assured U.S. networks!) Cyber Six must drink to stay alive. As with any superheroes worth their salt, there are identity crises back in the real world, with Adrian's work buddy Lucas lusting after the female form of Cyber Six, not realizing that he shares an office with her alter ego, and schoolgirl Lori developing a crush on Adrian, not realizing that "he" is a she.

This international coproduction was based on the Argentinian comic written by Carlos Trillo and drawn by Carlos Meglia, but seems, however coincidentally, to be a belated cross between Big X, Cyborg 009, and Batman, with a little existential musing of the Ghost in the Shell variety thrown in for good measure. One of the rare anime, like Alexander, that premiered abroad-it was not shown in Japan until late in 2000.

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Name Cyber Six
Publisher TMS Entertainment
Start Year 1999
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