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Cutie Honey is an manga series in the Cutie Honey franchise
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One of Honey Kisaragi teachers.

Black Claw

One of the original members of Panther Claw and the first to face Honey Kisaragi.

Danbei Hayami

The father of Seiji and Junpei. Although Danbei is a pervert he assists Honey in her fight against Panther Claw along with his sons.

Dr. Kisaragi

The father of Honey Kisaragi.

Dragon Panther

A minion of Sister Jill in the Cutie Honey manga. She is responsible for killing Honey Kisaragi's closest friend, Natsuko Aki.

Fire Claw

One of the original members of Panther Claw. Fire claw had the ability to manipulate fire.

Honey Kisaragi

A android girl who fights crime and to avenge the death of her father with the powers she gains from the Cutie System. She calls herself the warrior of love and she`s the first magical girl.

Iron Shadow

One of the original members of Panther Claw. Iron Shadow has a pet Panther named Jango.


Iron Shadows pet Panther.

Junpei Hayami

Junpei is the youngest son of Danbei Hayami. He assists his brother in helping Honey in her quest in stopping Panther Claw. He is also quite the pervert like his father.

Kekko Kamen

Go Nagai's famous nude super heroine who is dressed only in a red, rabbit eared mask, with matching gloves, scarf, and boots. She saves Mayumi Takahashi from the Sexual Predators of Sparta Academy.


One of the teachers at Honey's school.


A character created by Go Nagai for the manga series Cutie Honey. She is an antagonist of Honey Kisaragi.

Natsuko Aki

Honey Kisaragi's closest friend who attended the same school together. In RE: Cutie Honey Natsuko had a drastic change from her original character to that of a police officer.

Panther Zora

The true leader of Panther Claw. Zora is the true embodiment of evil.

Seiji Hayami

Honey`s best friend and sidekick. he`s the only one next to Honey herself to appear in almost all versions of the Cutie Honey franchise.

Sister Jill

The 2nd in command of Panther Claw and long time foe of Honey.

Snake Panther

One of the Original Members of Panther Claw who has whip like tendrils on the side of her head.

Tarantula Claw

A newer member of Panther Claw that was once a normal girl until Sister Jill turned her into a monster.

Tarantula Panther

One of original members of Panther Claw. Tarantula Claw had spider like abilities and the ability to produce ten different types of Spider silk from her abdomen.

Tomahawk Panther

One of the original members of Panther Claw. Tomahawk Panther had bladed wings as her weapon.

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