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Hi everyone, I'm Taka, your neighborhood wiki editor who just became a mod this month. This is a new idea for the community in the wiki area. I do welcome everyone to contribute to the wiki. Ever since I did the interviews with awesome Vicers in the community (see An Entire World of Anime Fans! -- THE VICE PIT), we should expand the wiki aspect as well.

I encourage you guys and gals to add Voice Actors and Actresses from other countries. I know the feature is limited to English, Japanese, French, German, and Spanish, but one day, the community will expand it. This is just a stepping stone. I would love to see those awesome British VAs that some of my British friends had mentioned when they remark that British dubbed anime series and Disney Films were better than their American counterparts. I'm curious.

Plus, Anime Vice might not have a big effect on the web. Though, our work and the cultural interviews will start a ripple. That ripple will help the anime industry to adapt and reach out to other countries. In those interviews especially the African experiences, fans want to promote anime. Having folks in your country voice some anime characters or make animations will promote the media. With every help, that dream can come true. Call me crazy. It's a pipe dream but it's worth fighting for.

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Recently I have been listening to national anthems of various countries. One reason I became interested in this was because I started to realize how musically boring "O Canada" is. Having spent a chunk of this past summer practicing piano and studying music, I found it interesting to listen to various national anthems, try and figure out which I liked/didn't like and figure out what was happening musically that might cause me to like/dislike them.

For a while I have always found the USA's national anthem, "Star Spangled Banner", very exciting. Something that "O Canada" lacks. The reason for this, I realized recently, is because "O Canada" spends a lot more time going down (pitch wise), than going up, and often stays within a small pitch range. In contrast Star-Spangled Banner goes down right away but then rockets right up at the start with> Oh say (down) can YOU SEEEEE!? (huge movement upward to compliment the increase in loudness). But then goes down restfully with> By the dawn's early light. THEN after it rests for a brief second it goes down and then rockets back up again. The sound follows this kind of pattern for the rest of the song, almost like waves of energy rising and falling, until it reaches the climax.

The lyrics are another matter entirely. How many times can I possibly say "O Canada" without it getting boring? Ummm.. not a lot. The lyrics of Star Spangled Banner create movement by themselves, even when spoken normally. Also O Canada is essentially about standing still in respect of the land, while Star Spangled Banner is about admiring a flag waving in the midst of an intense war battle.

As I was listening to other national anthems including those from Britain, Australia, Afghanistan, Croatia, France. I began to realize that most of the anthems that I "liked" were military marches of proud, positively energetic character. Currently my favorites are the Star Spangled Banner and La Marseillaise (France). The Chinese national anthem is alright too. =P

But only today did it occur to me to listen to the Japanese national anthem. Before today I had NEVER heard their national anthem. When I think of a national anthems I think of something like a military march, something patriotic and energetic. So listening to the Japanese national anthem was very surprising to my ears:

The Japanese anthem is a song written in 1880 over the lyrics of a VERY short waka poem written some time between 794 AD-1185 AD. Musically speaking, "Kimi ga yo" is the most solemn national anthem I have heard so far. It's not energetic or ostentatious, but somehow calm, proud and respectful. But calm, proud and respectful in a way that is totally different from O Canada or any other national anthem. I don't particularly "like" the Japanese anthem, but I find it very interesting, and it's growing on me each time I listen to it!

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment! Do you have a favorite anthem, what's your opinion of your country's national anthem? Some of the stories behind each anthem's creation, and it's lyrics can be fun to look into.

P.S. Unlike some national anthems, this blog post does not work its way to an energetic climax and conclusion. xD

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Hello everyone, it's a beautiful yet really hot Friday. By hot, I mean stuffy and sticky. Today, it was a busy day at school. After the town hall meeting to support a friend of a friend who is running as the representative for my home town, I got a call from my siblings who were bored to death. Jesus, they don't go outside and play. Well, they say it's too hot. They told me to go to the library and pick some books for them. I swear they confused brother for butler or something.

Even I was in my favorite library that I used to volunteer, I unintentionally use the sandwich maneuver that taught me.

Here are the books that I pick up.

Oh yeah, if you're new, I do these blogs to promote family in this community. Check out the last blog, the Chobits one and June 2012.

Little Sister

She's the one who got me into anime. She loves mainly Shonen series, but she does read those Shoujo books.

Alice in the Country of Clover and Joker. I actually made two separate trips since my home library didn't have the first volume of Cheshire Cat. The library that had the first volume had two new Alice books. I haven't seen them before. When I texted my sis if she wants them, she texted back of course, you dummy. Cute, huh. I tend to read my sis's books when I'm bored. I happened to like Alice in the Country of Hearts despite it's geared to little girls. That's a bit awkward for a college guy like me. I always get embarrassed when I read or watch something cute or adult.

The last book is Spice and Wolf. I haven't read or watch that series.

Little Brother

My little brother is a big Yugioh fan who loves loves Garfield. I tried to get the kid to read some chapter books to get him ready for higher levels. He hates the books I read from middle school.

I used to love Yugioh when I was young. Then I got bored with it as I got older. I grew out of it. The only Yugioh series I watched is the abridged series.

For me, the big brother

I was too busy with school, so I didn't check out DVDs of regular movies or anime. I didn't find anything interesting in the manga aisle. I did check out this book. I love to read about different cultures as a student. Back in high school, I wanted to be a history teacher. I passed my AP history tests with fives. My scores told me I should definitely pursue a career in history. Though, my parents especially dad told me it's not a sustainable job. They told me I should become doctor. Short story - I ditched the doctor path. I'm going for health advisor or anything related to it since I'm not good at chemistry.

Back to the library blog, I checked the book about Arab culture because I met a young lady named . She's a Western-educated Arab-Canadian. Plus, I'm interviewing her and 's for the Canadian experiences. It's an article about sharing your outlook on anime culture and its people in their home countries. Check out the An Entire World of Anime Fans! -- THE VICE PIT and Auron570's My "Canadian" anime experience.

Thank you everyone for reading this. I hope you share your family experiences in Anime Vice. I'm a shy guy in the real world, too.

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Hello everyone, I'm Takashichea (Taka for short), your neighborhood wiki editor. I'm sharing a report of all the projects I have done from May to August. This includes wiki and other projects.

Summer and Fall 2013 Trailers

The Summer Anime 2013 Trailers was completed, and the Summer 2013 Simulcast Schedule - - AV MOD MATERIAL has been posted. Right now, I'm working on the fall 2013 trailers. I haven't made a guide for it.

This is a team project; my teammates are Acura Max and BigHeart711. This is how much we did. Like every season, we only able to do most of them. Some of them will not have trailers. This fall, Daniel asked me and my teammates to change the fall trailers thread into discussion threads since it kill two birds with one stone. That way, we're prepared to open lots of discussion threads for the community.

PostedNeed to Post
  • Battle Spirits Saikyou Ginga Ultimate Zero
  • Log Horizon
  • Oshiri Kaji Mushi 2nd Season
  • Outbreak Company
  • Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle 3rd Season
  • Daiya no A
  • Gundam Build Fighters
  • Kuroko no Basuke 2nd Season
  • Galilei Donna
  • Samurai Flamenco
  • Seiyuu Sentai Voicetorm 7
  • Yowamushi Pedal
  • Miss Monochrome
  • Gingitsune
  • Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary)
  • Coppelion (I found Daily Motion vids, but I can't Youtube vids)
  • Tesagure! Bukatsu-mono
  • Hajime no Ippo Rising
  • Lupin III Princess of the breeze ~ Kakusareta Kuuchuu Toshii~
  • Super Seisyun Brothers (Crunchyroll has visuals but no vid)
  • Neppu Kairiku Bushiroad
  • Kyousogiga
  • Pupa

Wiki Projects

Below are my spring projects and summer projects. With the fall semester starting, I won't have much time doing wiki work. Plot summaries will be shorter. I try to tell myself to work on the weekends only 10 hours, but I usually end up working during the school days.


Danganronpa: The Academy of Hope and the High School Students of Despair

July 6th: While Sonata took care of the characters, I focused on the episode summaries.

Attack on Titan

Started in April 14, I'm still working on episode summaries. I did do character pages such as Mikasa and a few dead characters. I can only add bits of info. There are other editors working on other pages. Dekken and Toxin45 do some linking for characters/episodes while Olgaphone did an excellent job on Reiner's page.

Sunday Without God

July 11th: I'm pretty much the sole editor for the project. I didn't do any work on the characters. In fact, I'm behind in character creation. I need to add new characters. All I'm doing is episode summaries.

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

July 3rd: It's the same with Sunday Without God. Though, the search engine was broken. I didn't create new character pages until it was fix.


The Severing Crime Edge

4-7-13: It's a solo job. I mostly work on episode summaries. I don't know if I have time to do character pages. I finish all summaries on 6-29-13.

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

4-7-13: Acura Max and I take turns on the episode summaries. He and I finish all summaries on 6-30-13.

Hataraku Maou-sama!

4-5-13: UsaChanMan recommend the anime series to me. I fell in love with it. I started working on the episode summaries. Finished all the summaries on 6-29-13 with Daniel and Dochaus's help.

Valvrave the Liberator

4-13-13: Acura Max is my teammate. We finished all summaries as of July 2.

Oreimo 2

June 2013: Taking Daniel and his friend's words, I tried Oreimo, and somehow, I got obsessed over it. I finished all Oreimo 1's true route episode summaries in one day on 6-29-13. As of 6-29-13, all Oreimo 2 episode summaries are completed. When the Oreimo 2 OVAs came, I finished them quickly as of August 22.

Misc Projects

Ever since I met Tom Pinchuk at AX 2013, I was searching for new ideas that is front page material. One day, I was looking at the old concept pages I created in my 2nd year of college. I glanced at the Cultural Diversity page and realized we have a diverse community. I wanted to interview them about their anime experiences and outlook on the culture because this will show Anime Vice is a beautiful community. It will make everyone feel at home when they read the stories of folks from their home countries.

The project was a huge success, and it was thanks to everyone who took the time to write down their stories. Check out the An Entire World of Anime Fans! -- THE VICE PIT article. I couldn't find anyone from the Central, Latin, or South America region. I did find one person from India, but he was busy. I'm hoping he responds back.

The other project was the Quick Picks: Erotica Version 2013. I completed compiling all of Critical Mass Video's releases for the rest of the year. I'm not sure about Kitty Media. For the hentai manga, I got down to August for SuBLime and Project-H.

That's pretty much all of the projects. Time sure flies.

Future Goals

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Hello! This is Auron570 with a blog response about my Canadian anime experience, please enjoy. I was born in Canada, my parents immigrated from China, and I currently live about an hour north of Toronto.

How did you get into anime?

Some pig!
Some pig!

The first anime I watched was the English dub of Sailor Moon and the Cantonese dub of Super Pig when I was 3-4 years old. I liked the colorful transformation sequences, fighting bad guys and the comedic/exaggerated/cute animation. To this day I still remember the lyrics to the Sailor Moon opening in English.

When I was 7-12 years old, a lot of anime was dubbed and shown on Canadian television. There was DBZ and Pokemon. YTV acquired a lot of anime including InuYasha, Yugioh, Gundam Seed, .hack//sign, GitS and Eureka Seven. Also 4kids had their dubs of One Piece, Naruto, Fighting Foodons, Ultimate Muscle etc. It was an exciting time! Most of my school friends were watching some combination of those shows and we had fun talking about our favourite shows and characters.

YTV's version of Toonami (2004-2010)
YTV's version of Toonami (2004-2010)

During high school I did not watch much anime. Anime wasn’t being shown as prominently on TV. Also no one at my (very small) high school really watched anime. However, in my senior year I started watching anime in earnest again. I had really great English and Philosophy teachers that year who opened my eyes to new ways of thinking about art and literature. I think anime can stand toe-to-toe with other arts/entertainment and it has a lot to offer if you know where to look. So that basically leads to where I am now and how I got interested in anime. :]

How do you view anime and fans who love anime in Canada?

Well I think anime can stand toe-to-toe with other arts, but I don’t think many people share this view. From my experience with anime clubs, friends (some like anime, some don’t) and also general media awareness, most people are just indifferent to anime, some still consider anime as for kids or for weirdos.

"I heard Bill has a 1st edition Zapdos, but he hasn&squot;t shown it to me so I don&squot;t believe him"
"I heard Bill has a 1st edition Zapdos, but he hasn't shown it to me so I don't believe him"

I guess part of the for-kids mentality has to do with how anime was promoted when it was on TV. If you watched Yugioh, you wanted Yugioh cards. If you watched DBZ, you wanted the latest Budokai game. If you watched Beyblade… you get the point. I remember kids would bring their Pokemon/Yugioh cards to school, some would show them off, some traded them, others lost them, resulting in schools banning them. I feel like that mindset is still around.

On the other hand, the impression I get from anime fans is that they like anime because it is cute, exotic or over-the-top. There seem to be pockets of anime fans around Canada, for example student clubs at universities or around different major cities like Toronto and Vancouver. Some are content that anime is a “niche” hobby. But I really think anime can enter the broader cultural conversation.

What anime series do you think should have been aired in Canada?

Wait, u want us to what?
Wait, u want us to what?

The first anime that came to mind was Steins;gate. Quirky characters and a suspenseful time travel plot! Otherwise it’s hard to say, I don’t think a typical Japanese high-school anime would work since high-school experiences are so different in Canada and even the U.S. Also anything ecchi I think is a definite no. I can think of lots of anime that I would recommend to just about anyone, but I’m not sure how well they would do on TV. Haha, now I’m overthinking which anime would do well on which TV networks and how each anime does/doesn’t appeal to certain audiences!

Have you been to an anime convention?

Sadly, no. I asked my parents to go to AnimeNorth when I was around 9, but they said no. So, slowly I lost interest in going to a convention. The impression I developed of conventions is lots of walking around, looking at stuff I am not interested in buying and being around lots of people who think they’re cool.

What is your buying experience like for anime and manga? Do you buy online or publicly?

I do not read manga. For anime, streaming sites like Crunchyroll and Funimation let me watch lots of anime for free, so I usually only buy anime movies or series that I really want to support. Very few stores within an hour of where I live have a decent anime selection, so I buying online is easier for me. I usually buy from because most other sites have huge shipping fees or only ship to U.S. I don’t have much interest in buying other anime-related merchandise, but it would be cool to buy a Chocobo plushie, a new Pikachu plushie or something One Piece or Evangelion-related.

What are your views on Japanese culture? And do you think Anime is popular in Japan?

"You gonna get married and have kids?" "Uhh Iduno seems like a waste..."
"You gonna get married and have kids?" "Uhh Iduno seems like a waste..."

I don’t know too much about Japanese culture. I know some things about kabuki theater, samurai, geisha and Japan during WWII. Otherwise most of what I know about modern Japanese culture comes from anime, sites like CultureJapan or other sites/articles/blogs/videos that cover Japanese culture. For example I know some things about Japanese food, the Japanese school system, social customs, recent social problems like Japan’s suicide rate, aging population, also “otaku culture” in Japan.

About anime's popularity in Japan, yes and no. Anime might be popular, and people of different age and sex might like anime, but I think the general view of anime in Japan (from those who don’t watch anime) is “it’s okay to like, as long as you don’t like it so much that it’s creepy or detrimental to your health or others”. It’s always the extreme cases that get reported, like otaku who stalk voice actresses, that give a certain hobby a bad reputation.

Closing thoughts?

Mmmm.. culture..
Mmmm.. culture..

There are many different social factors to consider when thinking about how anime is received in Japan. In general I think everyone should be more mature and open to share their cultural experiences. Anime was made in Japan after all! The Japanese people should have a right to admire and appreciate the art and culture that its own country has developed! As a Canadian it’s a little bittersweet being an anime fan. I realize that anime is a big part of my cultural experience. I want to talk about that and figure out how anime fits in with Canada’s multiculturalism and what that means for me. I mean… everyone loves sushi… why not anime??

I hope it was fun to read about my anime experiences. Feel free to post any questions or comments, or talk about your own experiences! :)

About the Authors

Auron570 is an aspiring writer, whose hobbies include piano, video games and anime. Follow him @jasutinu
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I always check the characters, concepts, and sometimes objects to see if they are okay. There's too much characters to list here that I look at and maintain it. I create this blog to inform new users and to prevent future vandalism. I got a master list here that I can just click and click to check biweekly.


  • Shaman I created this for the shaman king project. I update it if I see new information. I am not sure if there is other franchises that have shamans in it.
  • Ghost - I made a table for every franchise. I must be a table maniac.
  • Rock Hard Abs - I made this because anime vice needs to stay from idolizing breasts and other womanly areas. Just kidding. I made this because I work on Fairy Tail too much and see Gray and Lyon stripping. I chose Alex Armstrong Image because it's a wonderful image for that concept. Speaking of concepts, I added a table of concepts. I picked Armstrong, Lyon with Gray, Stein, and Erza Scarlet for the table.
    Please add some characters to this concept. It needs love.
  • Implied Sex Scene - I saw this "theme" in Shaman King, Abenobashi, and Fate Stay Night. Now, I  make sure people add their info.  Please thank Dekken for uploading a beautiful image of Takashi and Saeko's implied sex scene.
  • Cultural Diversity - I wrote on the concept thread that I created this to break the racial barrier in Anime. That page is difficult to write for. I have not added the characters, but the locations.
  • Guild - Thanks to DestinyHeroKnight for adding this. I added a table of Fairy Tail people stamps on it.
  • Animal Cruelty - Killing pandas is no-no when I saw Ren's dad kill the panda for no reason.
  • X-Laws - Still working on it and its table.
  • Hao's Followers -  I got one or two more people. Got to finish anime/manga differences for it.
  • Patch Tribe -  Still working on it. I only read the manga up to 15, so there's not much Patch Tribe officiants.
  • Yin and Yang - Provide an outline: Overview, Character Table, Concept Example, and Other media. I am proud of this page.
  • Loss of Innocence - I provide an outline and filled in the reasons. Somewhere in May, I find Juuhachi submitted her Shiki characters on that page. 
  • Silver Claiming - Created this one for the Rave Master Project with Fire_Star in May. Still working on it.
  • Promise - The concept thread inspired me to do it.
  • Broken Promise - Also, the concept thread inspires me to do it.
  • Beauty Mark - 6-2-2011
  • Lip Ginity
  • Team Hana Gumi
  • Team Ice Men
  • Team Funabari Hot Springs
Images from Shaman, Rock Hard Abs, Implied Sex Scene, Cultural Diversity

New Concepts Added due to Rave Master Wiki Project and other Inspirations


  • Oracle Pager - I made a color table!
  • Scarf - Inspired by Natsu and Anna, Obscurefan, Piface314, Obsidian609, and the Fairy Tail Team
  • Sarashi - I thank FoxxFireArt for helping me start on this because I did not know the Japanese word for this "bandages". I like to thank Piface314 because she told me about tvtropes, a good source of info. Though she and FoxxFireArt added more characters than me.
  • Candle - For the benefit of Anime Vice. It started with a Descendants of Darkness inspiration.

This is a general list of wikis what I worry about. I have to update it and check on it from time to time.
I also worked on people's concepts such as guild and ghost. There are more concepts that need love.
Here is a link to concept idea threads. EganTheVile1, sickVisionz, and the others have contributed so much to Anime Vice.
Go Anime Vice!
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It's Anime Crossover madness!

BLEACH Ch. 616 Review

But does the right hand know what the left hand is doing?

DEATH PARADE #7 -- Watch & Learn

No one knows what it's like to be the sad man... behind blue eyes.

DRAGON BALL Z -- The Live Action Web Series?

Ever think you'd see "History of Trunks" like this?


The original anime chibi...?

ONE PIECE Ch. 777 Review

Roronoa Zoro is a man with several plans.

Anime Vice RPG Spotlight -- 3/2/15

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