Cultural Diversity Concepts

Cultural Diversity is a anime/manga concept
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A indigenous people who live in Hokkaido, Kuril Islands, and Sakhalin. An example of anime person of Ainu heritage is Horohoro and his sister, Pirika Usui, from Shaman King.


They are a race in Bleach who have their names, swords, and resurrección rooted in Latin American culture.


In some anime/manga, anthro-animals represent a separate race from the humans

Hao Asakura's followers

Hao's followers come from many different countries such as Africa, China, Mexico, and more.


A mixture of two different races/cultural heritages.


Each Kage represent their respected village and jutsu

Patch Tribe

A race of Native Americans who oversees the shaman tournament and communicate to the Great Spirit.


They are a race in Bleach who have their weapons and attacks rooted in German culture.


In Shaman King, shamans come from all over the world to battle for shaman king title.


They are a race in Bleach who have their names, swords, and bankai rooted in Japanese culture.

Team Gandara

Team Gandara are a group of Buddhist Shamans in the Shaman King franchise.

Team Ice Men

Team Ice Men is a trio of shamans who come from three countries (Russia, Iceland, and Ireland) to fight in the Shaman King tournament.

Team Yoh-Yohs

An anime exclusive team in Shaman King. The name is given by Sharona to Yoh's team. Yoh gladly calls his team Yoh-Yohs.


They have military background in Austria, America, and Canada.

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