Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity is a anime/manga concept
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This concept describes how people from different race, background, and religion interact. In certain anime and manga series, there are diversity in their characters like Bleach, Code Geass, and Shaman King.


Long ago, Japanese animators and manga writers drew their characters based on European and American facial traits.

Now, anime and manga's characters are evolving and breaking the racial barrier when franschises introduces characters from different countries, religion, and environments.


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Even though the story takes place in Japan, the characters have come from different countries and certain fictional race in Bleach have an exotic theme associated with them.

RaceCulture Affiliation
ShinigamiJapanese culture because of the many swords' names and character names.
ArrancarLatin American culture because the Arrancars' swords and
Resurrección are Spanish names
BountGerman culture because of chant to summon a doll. Even though some of the Bounts are not German, they still use German chant.
QuincyGerman culture
Look at Uryuu's attacks and weapon names

Hetalia Axis Powers

The characters in Hetalia Axis Powers are representations of countries or more specifically, anthropomorphism of countries.

See characters on franchise page for more information.

Shaman King

The shaman tournament involves the whole world as many shaman come from many different countries to participate in the tournament with dreams of becoming the shaman king. Also, in this franchise, the manga heavily uses real world history for the origin stories of many shamans.

See table on franchise page.

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Concept Name Cultural Diversity
Japanese Name: 文化の多様性
Romaji Name: Bunka no tayō-sei
Aliases Multicultural
Racial boundaries
Human Race
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