Crying Concepts

Crying is a anime/manga concept
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Typical "beautiful girl" in anime and manga


The term given to a couple who has decided to cease their relationship.

Child Teacher

Child Teachers are theme in some manga/animes. They are normally rather intelligent characters who still display childish behavior at times.


Drama is a concept used in story telling to invoke an emotional reaction from the audience by using serious themes; such as tragedy, suspense, and death.


Fatherhood as a concept. A man who has conceived or raised a child.


A special police force created to combat the assassination team Night Raid. All members carry Imperial Arms.

Night Raid

Night Raid is a group of assassins that is part of the Revolutionary army. The Night Raid conducts missions such as assassinations of key targets and obtaining intel.


A story or event centered around human misery. Characters in the story face suffering, dread, and destruction.

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