Crushing and Burning

Crushing and Burning is an anime episode of Tari Tari that was released on 09/02/2012
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Konatsu and the others start their after school job of being the WestShopRangers, protecting the Western Shopping District from all sorts of evil. Their work as mascots is a success, but Wakana is having trouble writing a song for them to perform in the upcoming White Festival. Wakana decides to ask Takakura-sensei for advice, since Takakura had co-written a song with Mahiru.

Plot Summary

The WestShopRangers!
The WestShopRangers!

In a flashback, Takakura-sensei visits Mahiru at the hospital. Mahiru heard about how the choir group made it to nationals again. The choir-sometimes-badminton club is helping out the Western Shopping district by dressing up as mascots. Atsuhiro is enthusiastic to play the red WestShopRanger. Shiho arranges for a group of enemies, dressed up in black tights as germs, for the rangers to defeat. After the WestShopRangers are victorious, they announce that to celebrate their victory there will be a 10% discount sale for the next 30 minutes! Shiho hands out lots of flyers and is happy with everyone's work. Atsuhiro is determined that they can do even better, since their rhythm and timing was off! Having mascots seems to be working, as shoppers stop to watch the unfolding events of the WestShopRangers and applaud after their victories. Since the mascot gig was a success, Shiho asks them if they can extend their agreement. Something seems to be bothering Wakana. After thinking it over, they agree to keep working as mascots.

A young Takakura Naoko, writing a song with Mahiru
A young Takakura Naoko, writing a song with Mahiru

Wakana is having a lot of trouble writing a song for them to sing in the upcoming White Festival, on top of that she has made very little progress on the song she plans to write from her mother's notes. Wakana remembers that Shiho suggested asking Takakura-sensei for advice on song writing, because she had co-written a song with Mahiru. At school the next day, Takakura-sensei calls Konatsu to the office, Wakana and Sawa tag along. Takakura-sensei reminds them that after-school jobs are forbidden, and she heard about them working as mascots. Konatsu reminds her, that she did in fact give them permission to get jobs and raise money for the White Festival. Takakura lets them continue. After the girls leave the office, Takakura thinks about Mahiru again.

Mahiru is happy to see Nao again
Mahiru is happy to see Nao again

Wakana approaches Takakura-sensei, and asks her about the song she and Mahiru wrote together. Takakura tries not to let her emotions show and says regardless of what happened in the past, she can only treat Wakana like another student. Takakura has a flashback of when she and Mahiru were walking home, Mahiru was singing out loud and Takakura listened. Mahiru said Takakura should sing too, and that she should stop over-thinking things, that music is about having fun with sound. Takakura passes on this advice to Wakana, saying that it should come naturally, from the heart, or else it will turn into work. It turns out Takakura had only visited Mahiru at the hospital once, when Mahiru asked her to, and this was when Mahiru told her that she was thankful she could see her one last time. Takakura told Mahiru that the choir, or at least what it was, was essentially all thanks to Mahiru and that it had changed since Mahiru left.

Atsuhiro catches the thief
Atsuhiro catches the thief

Konatsu and the others continue to work as the WestShopRanger mascots after school. However after one of their performances, someone on a bicycle steals Konatsu's handbag. Atsuhiro chases after the thief, saying a true hero never gives up. Atsuhiro finally catches up, after getting beaten a bit, Atsuhiro stands up and starts singing the ganbarangers theme song. He is soon joined by Taichi and the others, who caught up. At the end of the day, the WestShopRangers make it into the local newspaper, and Atsushiro cuts out the article to send to Jan, along with another written letter. Although Atsuhiro doesn't know where Jan is, he says he will keep writing letters in the hopes of seeing him again some day.


  • Japanese Name: "Moetari Moetari" (萌えたり 燃えたり)
  • Opening Theme: "Dreamer" by AiRI
  • Ending Theme: "Kokoro no Senritsu (#02 ED ver.) (心の旋律)" by Asami Seto & Saori Hayami

Points of Interest

  • The WestShopRangers (Color/played by/special attack): Red/Atsuhiro, Yellow/Konatsu/Curry Punch, White/Taichi, Pink/Wakana/Mango Beam and Green/Sawa/Beta Carotene Shower.

Characters & Voice Actors

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