Crusher Joe

Crusher Joe is an anime movie in the Crusher Joe Franchise
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The Crushers are a loose federation of trouble-shooting space mercenaries. The crew of the ship Minerva is led by teen Joe (son of head Crusher Dan), with teammates Alfin (cute tomboy), Talos (hulking muscle, much smarter than he looks), and Riki (bratty kid), plus Dongo the comical robot. Joe and crew agree to transport a frozen heiress to a distant world's medical facility, but their ship is attacked en route and the cryogenic capsule is stolen. Pursued by the galactic police while simultaneously trying to regain their cargo, the Crushers stumble into the lair of notorious space pirate Murphy, who intends to use a doomsday weapon to rule the universe.

Haruka Takachiho's famous character first appeared in the 1977 novel Crisis on Planet Pizan with a gang named after two of the author's wrestling heroines, the Crush Gals. The anime version is also riddled with minor characters lifted from Go for It, Alfin-chan!, a manga by animator Gen Sato. Several background film clips also showed two characters from another Takachiho series who were so popular they got their own show: Dirty Pair.

Joe and his gang returned in 1989 for two video adventures also released in the U.S. In The Ice Hell Trap, they are framed by the despotic Ghellstan, who hires them to save the prison planet Debris without revealing that the entire world is rigged to blow as part of an insurance scam. Once again, the Crushers' mission is twofold; save the planet and bag the bad guys. In Ash: The Ultimate Weapon, they must team up with Tanya, a military officer determined to track down a conspiracy to steal yet another doomsday device. On a planet overrun with self-replicating killing machines, they have yet another race against time as the titular device is activated, leaving 20 minutes to turn it off and rescue Tanya.

In 2000, two Crusher Joe stories, Legend of the Saint Jeremy and Pandora II, were illustrated by Judge--artist Fujihiko Hosono and released on VHS as the first in the new (and rather pointless) "manga video" format, featuring voice actors reading the manga aloud.

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Haruka Takachiho Original Concept Writer and creator of Crusher Joe, Dirty Pair and Dirty Pair Flash who has one two Seiun Awards for his works.
Akira Toriyama Character Artist/Designer Creator of Dr. Slump & Dragon Ball who was a Guest Designer credited under the name of MAX 310.

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Name: Crusher Joe
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1983
Release Date:
Rating: R
Runtime: 131 (mins)
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Aliases Crushers
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