Unscripted: Crunchyroll Simulcasts

Topic started by gia on April 9, 2010. Last post by John_Martone 4 years, 11 months ago.
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I don't care if Crunchyroll has a bunch a shows, as long as they have the few that are good
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CrunchyRoll really help me support anime and allowed me to watch less fansubs.
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I don't care how they do it.... I want them To do it!

and to branch out of the US... to Mexico.... :P

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Hehe nice watch.  CR likes to call things simulcasts even when they aren't.  They have done it with quite a number of shows too but many are lesser known things so once it happens with a big name I guess it just pops to the forefront.
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Crunchyroll has yet to simulcast a noitaminA series.  I'd be surprised if they started now.  Still surprised they haven't announced Night Raid yet, but I assume that's one of the ones "in the works."

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I don't have full membership to Crunchyroll.  I just wait the week to watch the episode when it becomes free.  
I wonder has Crunchyroll gets more popluar what going to do the anime DVD marketplace in the United States.  It's all ready in bad shape has it is.

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I only use c-roll for Durarara and now Haruhi. Sadly, if i have a hankerin for some anime I will just go to Youtube and try to find something that someone put up.
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 Alot of groups are just ripping their stuff and since they went through the trouble to develop a boxee app I gladly give them my money. 
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It hard likeing anime and nt living in japan lol
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I'm not really interested in Crunchyroll. Again, not really impressed with the selection. Though, it is a lot better then Anime Network's.
So far the only site I've been enjoying that is official is FUNimation. Most other things I use fansubs for. One of the best advantages of fansubs is that you never have to deal with politically correct idiocy or pointless alterations.
Such as with One Piece, In the original Japanese versions the character Bon Clay calls his fighting style "Okama Way Kenpo". Okama being the term used for male transvestites or homosexuals. In the official subs putout by FUNimation, the technique is changed to " 'Oh Come My Way' Kenpo". You would think this might be a PC alteration, but when the term "okama" is used to describe someone. They never hesitate to use terms like "queer"?
Then there is the whole issue how in One Piece they were always afraid to use the term God, as I showed in my blog posting HERE. FUNimation has yet to reach that point on their site to see if any alteration was made for the subtitles. I know the dub made a change. With fan subs you are more likely to get something that is closer to what is originally intended, Thus, more accurate. Official companies just seem to lack certain levels of "testicular fortitude". 
When it comes to watching anime. I don't want to deal with this issue of being so afraid you might offend someone. With fansubs, whatever the characters are saying they put on the screen.
There is also that issue with the censoring of Dance of the Vampire Bund. I get why FUNimation would edit the simulcast, but it's ridiculous not to offer the option to those buying the DVDs. Just hearing this makes me want to watch the fan subs more. Just so I can see what was changed and understand why.
This didn't feel much like a review.
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I like the Maid-sama poster in the background. Mind me asking where you got it?
Also, YAAAAAAAAYY for audio balance! Excellent job! And now I feel tempted to get a real crunchyroll membership.....
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@HeeroYuy:  If I remember correctly, she got it in one of her trips to Japantown. It was out of some japanese publication or another (A jump or what not.) They are apparently swag laden.
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