Otoshimono Off Crunchyroll, Omamori On Way Out

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 Omamori Himari
 Omamori Himari

Word popped up recently at Otaku Review that the Kadokawa-owned series Omamori Himari, a fanservice-laden comedy, is going to be removed from Crunchyroll 30 days after the series ends. The last episode airs on March 24th, so that means you have to get your Omamori-ing in by April 23rd.

 Sora no Otoshimono
 Sora no Otoshimono
But Otaku Review also noticed that Sora no Otoshimono, which is also a Kadokawa title, was removed from the site rather quietly, and reached out to Rob Pereyda, Crunchyroll's Vice President of Licensing, who commented thus:

"While I cannot reveal too many details as to the specifics of the Kadokawa Pictures deals, I can confirm that there is a window in place for the two titles. While I am not privy to their entire media strategy, I can say that the windowing of content across various forms of media has become more and more widespread recently, especially overseas, and that both rights holders and distributors ultimately come to these kinds of agreements to best ensure the future, viable production of high-quality media."

 I've seen a few suggestions that these series are being taken down because of their high levels of fanservice combined with featuring high school-age kids, another victim to life after Handley, but I'd bet against that-- these contracts were signed well before Handley's sentencing, and I'd expect these 30-day deadlines were built into them.

The reason it got noticed for Omamori and not for Otoshimono is that Crunchyroll began putting notice on the series' episodes saying as much, and I'll be honest, I'm a little surprised that they didn't put them on Otoshimono before.

In any case, now you know that you need to watch your simulcasts in a timely fashion! And don't forget that each individual EPISODE of Fairy Tail gets taken down 30 days after its airing!    
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Timed releases are another thing keeping streaming sites back.
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Glad they got rid of Omamori Himari, that was a bad anime. Sora no Otoshimono was some what funny. It'll be interesting strategy to have streaming content till the end of the series but that would work for animes that have DVDs already out and these two animes I personally would not want to spend money on.
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Omamori Himari is actually kind of funny although some of the more dramatic bits drag a bit. Maybe they are taking them off because to potentially look for getting a full release licensed in North America.

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Oh really, Omamori Himari for me is a time killer anime, it not great but I enjoy it for what it is.
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@metalsnakezero: The show is still on the site, it won't be gone until 30 days after the series ends, just to clarify :)
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@Agent_Lost said:
" Oh really, Omamori Himari for me is a time killer anime, it not great but I enjoy it for what it is. "
well there is also the manga with it's irregular schedule
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So...uh if I haven't finished any of these series how am I supposed to watch it then if I don't finish it after these drop dates? 
What's the point of taking it off if I can't legally get it anywhere then? 
This is so damn pointless and only furthers fansubbing really.
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I just know it as the series with the flying panties ED, and now I've lost my window of opportunity.
Also: I always forget that Fairy Tail Episodes get pulled. I've got huge gaps in my viewing history so far. Luckily I've plugged in the data from manga reading.
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