Gia Gets Crunchyroll'd!

Topic started by gia on Dec. 23, 2008. Last post by konatachan 6 years, 3 months ago.
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I recently got to visit Crunchyroll-- whose offices are smaller than VIZ's but still pretty awesome, you should see their gaming setup in the lobby! --and chat with two representatives, Executive Vice-Presient Ilya and Branding Manager Keith.

There's a lot of neat information to be had on the site and its future plans, as well as its past plans-- I've seen many suggestions in the anime blogiverse that it was the TV Tokyo deal that "forced" Crunchyroll to go legit, for example, but this is pretty firmly contradicted by Executive VP Ilya Levtov, who says it was always in the game plan, prior to any of the company's recent deals.

They also talk about the site's plans for manga, dubs, Asian dramas, user-created (legal) content, and other partnerships, so be sure to watch! To make it easier, here's the video:


P.S. That's Shinji and a Crunchyroll in the background, there in spirit.
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Ive heard of crunchyroll's website! It's where my friends and I go to by pass our school computer security system and fulfill our anime needs drools
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Shugo CHAR-a? Na-ROO-to? Real Nice. I don't trust these guys.
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Seems interesting.

I would have liked to see Shinji the sites creator. Crunchyroll is great for the industry but ultimately they rely to license anime and manga that people will want to watch now. They should look to Toradora, Toaru Majutsu no Index and Time of Eve (as that guy mentioned) to licence this stuff now as it's coming out in Japan.

I really wish the day that dual broadcast release and web release becomes viable for companies because they must realise that Fan subs don't damage their business but broaden the scope and range of views. I watch fan subs first then if the series is good enough I'll buy the series on DVD. Trouble is that process usualy takes 1-2 Years after the fansubs/boardcast release has finished. If only they could release it online or something before that then I'd be able to further support the industry.
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