Crow Hogan

Crow Hogan is a anime/manga character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise
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A childhood friend of Yusei and Jack. Crow later became the fifth signer




As a boy Crow was a orphan after his parents died in the zero reverse incident. He was a loner most of his childhood. He couldn't find shelter, food, or a place to sleep so he often dreamed of it.  He spent most of his time wandering around satellite. Not being able to read, write, or even spell was because he didn't go to school since he was alone. He couldn't enjoy being alone because it is dangerous to be alone in satellite.    Crow hoped most of all that he would one day become a professional Duelist and escape Satellite. One day, while wandering around a dump, he discovered some Duel Monsters cards. One of them was D.D. Crow which was where he got his nickname from. He decided to use them to start a deck with. While admiring the cards later, he met a group of people, who befriended him and taught him how to play Duel Monsters. 
Through Duel Monsters, Crow improved his reading, spelling, and arithmetic skills.   Through time dueling led him straight to some new friends.  He came to meet Jack, and Yusei. They enjoyed playing duel monsters together and Crow came to see them as his family. 
Through Yusei an Jack Crow met Martha. While living with Martha, Crow ate Cup Ramen with Yusei.
Crow later set up a lair near  Daedalus Bridge . There he took care of other orphan kids.  He also supplied them with duel monsters cards and taught them how to duel. He also gave tem food that he would steal. These events led to him having three criminal marks for his actions.


My life has meaning!!
My life has meaning!!
As a teen Crow an the others met Kiryu and they together created Team Satisfaction with Kiryu as there leader and from then on they took on other gangs in hope of escaping Satellite. With the team Crow earned the nickname "Crow the bullet" 
 The Enforcers began to duel other Duel Gangs and take over the various sectors of Satellite. The four of them dueled with duel disks that allowed them to stop their opponents from escaping them and destroyed the loser's duel disk. In Sector D, Crow deliberately allowed the Magician's  Four to defeat him. This triggered a transmitter inside his Duel Disk which allowed the rest of his friends to come to his aid and discover the lair. Together the four of them defeated the Magician's Four and took over their zone for themselves.   As time went by Kiryu's attitude began to change for the worse. Crow later became a cruel person letting power get to his head. He one time attacked a gang and hurt a little kid by dueling him.  After he defeated the child Crow tried to stop Kiryu, but he was punched. Afterward Crow left the team.  Crow rejoined later when Kiryu attacked sector security.  However Kiryu was apprehended and the team entirely broke up  going there separate ways. 

INTERMISSION: Robert Pearson

 This is the story that happened why Crow was gone from Team Satisfaction. 
When Crow was fighting some gang bangs a man name Robert Pearson came into his life and helped him fight them off. Crow later learns that Pearson took care of orphaned kids as well.  Because of there simularities Crow helped Pearson with his research which was a engine made of junk. Later on there was a fire and his friend Pearson  was in it. Crow tried to save him, but he couldn't. Pearson then asked Crow to take care of his "Blackbird." Pearson alter died and entrusted his Blackbird D Wheel and the card that would change Crow's fate forever.   
The black feather Dragon:
The signer card
The signer card



Here Crow makes his first appearance on the anime. After stealing from sector security Crow gets chased by them, but is able to escape with ease thanks to his dueling skill and his Blackbird.   Crow then reunites with Yusei after returning to the satellite.  Yusei shows Crow his new friends he had met over the years.  However this is interrupted by sector security who tracked down Crow's trail.  Crow and Yusei then team up to defeat them. They later meet up with Yusei's new friends.  Crow also introduces them to to the kids he has been taking care of. Crow begins to tell the story of  Daedalus Bridge. Later Yusei tries to leave to investigate more about the dark signers. Crow wakes up to find Yusei leaving and tells him that he was going too.  Together the two leave only to stumble upon there old friend Kiryu and found out that he became a dark signer.  Crow is  nearly hit by Kiryu's Vorse Raider that Kiryu threw. Kiryu creates a huge fire showing the shape of his Earthbound Immortal. He then begins a duel with Yusei that Crow watches. When Yusei lost to everyone's shock he is badly injured and Crow takes him to Martha to be treated. 
When Lazar goes to Satellite on Goodwin's behalf, Crow sees him, and mistakes him for a Dark Signer. Crow corners him in the same place where the Enforcers defeated the Magician's Four, and forces him to Duel using the same house rules that the Duel Gangs did back then.   The duel is halted however by the appearing black fog. Crow rushes to escape on his Duel Runner. Crow takes refuge in a refrigerator, to avoid being captured by the fog.  
After the fog clears he easily finds out that all his friends disappeared. He later finds Greiger who has become a dark signer. Crow then challenges Greiger to a shadow turbo duel.  Greiger at first says no, but changes his mind when he finds out Crow has a bomb

Crow vs a Dark Signer

"The dark signers took those children away from me I must avenge them"

Crow remembers what Yusei said about how dueling a Dark Signer, means putting your life on the line. Regardless he feels the stakes are no match for the fate of the children sacrificed earlier.  Crow uses this to push him during his duel against Greiger. When Greiger has the uper hand he begins to boast about how it is only natural that Crow will lose as he is a non signer. Yusei then appears surprised to see that Greiger has become a dark signer. Greiger tells Crow that he has been reborn to kill Goodwin.  Yusei tries to talk Crow out of the duel, but Crow refuses revealing that his reason for dueling Greiger.
Voiced by
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Jason Griffith
Shintaro Asanuma
General Information Edit
Name: Crow Hogan
Name: クロウ・ホーガン
Romanji: Kurou Hōgan
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's #30
1st anime movie:
Aliases Crow the Bullet
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