Meet the Cross-Dressin' Nakano Fujoshi Sisters

Topic started by gia on June 8, 2009. Last post by dagas 5 years, 9 months ago.
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We already knew that all kinds of gender-bending is popular in Japan, whether that be in the more formal Takarazuka Revue, genderswap fanart, traps, or any of dozens of other forms.

The latest comes from Japan Today, where Patrick Galbraith-- the same one who's writing Kodansha's upcoming Otaku Encyclopedia –profiles the Nakano Fujoshi Sisters, six girls who are all various typeso f otaku, and who also perform as the Fudanjuku, dressed as young boys.

One Fujoshi Sister talks about their regular songs:
“The first song was about female otaku as seen through Jazzy Hanawa’s eyes,” adds Ura. “For example, finding boyfriends online, or having anime character boyfriends.”

While another talks about the Fudanjuku:
"Fudanjuku are more oriented towards society,” Inui says. “The songs have themes and messages such as ‘cherish humanity,’ ‘friendship’ and ‘love.’ That sort of simple message is common, but there are points to be learned from it and people can respond to it. Even though the lyrics are simple and kind of lame, the value of the message is high.”

Here are a couple of videos of the girls, first as girls, then as boys.

So now the only question is, which do you prefer-- the Fudanshi Sisters, or the Fudanjuku?
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Lol, sailor scout wannabes
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*sniff*  You love me ... you really love me ...  And, appearntly it *is* Make Rathany Happy Day.  Wow.  

Based on the sample, I am more into the Fudanjuku.  The Fudanshi Sisters are a bit cutesy for me.  Though, I will have to get ahold of some of thier songs .. and maybe translate a few.  I am very curious :)

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@Rathany: Blog the translations if you do, I'd be interested.
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Fudan Juku. Liked those costumes better.
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Neither for me...I don't like that über cute look nor do I like girls looking like boys, but I do like women in uniforms, just not school uniforms. Check this out. "You know where I can find some sailors around here?" ^^
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