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Crossover is a anime/manga concept
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A primary faction of the Transformers and they usually find themselves defending both their own race and other species from the more violent factions. They are not always good(Shattered Glass).


A terrorist group fought by G.I. JOE


Nearly every anime has a comedic moment here or there. Everyone likes to laugh.


A fictional manga created by Eiji Niizuma, the eccentric young talented mangaka in Bakuman. It focuses on a flying hero who battles an evil empire and has ranked as Shonen Jump's number one manga several times. It is the manga that the protagonist of Bakuman try to beat throughout the series.


A primary Transformer faction they typically want to conquer the universe, gather/hord energon, make powerful weapons, enslave weaker species, and cause mass destruction. They are not always evil(Shattered Glass).


Elite military team


The Heartless Emblem is usually on/wore by a Heartless or someone that controls them. The emblem is also sometimes seen on buildings that are associated with them.


The Leijiverse is the name given to the universe that Leiji Matsumoto's characters exist in.


A Fighting/Steel type Pokemon and the evolved form of Riolu. Lucario has the unique ability to sense the aura and pulses of anything.


Mewtwo is a modified clone of the Pokemon Mew. The scientists who created it dreamed of making the strongest Pokémon ever that in return destroyed it creators. So far in the anime and mangas there has been only one in existence.


In the Kingdom Hearts Franchise, when some poor soul becomes a Heartless after he's beaten, the victim's body turns into a Nobody. The symbol can be seen on buildings that are involved with them. The symbol is a reverse of the Mark of Mastery symbol.


Parody is a style of work that closely resembles or mocks preexisting material or genres for comedic effect.

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