Cross the Thunder Clouds

Cross the Thunder Clouds is an anime episode of The Severing Crime Edge that was released on 04/17/2013
The Severing Crime Edge
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An Author had made it to town and even though the Professor says there is nothing to worry about, Kiri doesn’t agree and fears the worse
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Plot Summary

Cross the Thunder Clouds
Translation―To Escape the Storm―
MangaCh. 4-6 (Vol. 1)
Theme Music
OpeningUnmei no Ori
EndingKimi to Futari
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As Kiri and Iwai breath heavily, Kiri carefully cuts Iwai's hair. Iwai talks about the convict that escaped from prison. She puts pink ribbon in her hair. Kiri takes Iwai to Misumi's hair salon. Misumi's mom remarks that Misumi should take over the salon since one else. As Iwai browses MIsumi's magazine, Iwai and Kiri comment that Misumi looks beautiful. Misumi declares that she would abandon being a stylist. Outside, Misumi comments how Iwai's hair feels so new and that her hair has different length. Kiri almost thought that Misumi will find out Iwai's secret. Then, Misumi goes back to the salon after calling Kiri an idiot. When Iwai and Kiri walk, they see a crowd surrounding a bloody rubble. Kiri realizes this is the convict's doing. Yamane explains that the convict's psyche is warped and that the convict kills people randomly. Before Iwai and Kiri leave, Yamane tells them to prepare.

At Iwai's home, Iwai asks Kiri what do boys do when she and Kiri look at the bed behind them. While the two play cards, a man with large hammer lurks in the shadows near Iwai's home. As Iwai takes a hot bath, Iwai asks Kiri to talk to her. Kiri shares about his ancestor, Gray Haimura who killed over 200 people. Suddenly, a blackout occurs. Iwai runs out from the bathroom to hug Kiri due to being scared. When midnight strikes, Kiri feels Iwai's hair growing in his arms. As he caresses Iwai's hair, he asks Iwai to let him cut his hair. Iwai leaves Kiri to get dressed after commenting that Kiri is a pervert. Then, Kiri notices a large hole in the wall, and he tells Iwai to hurry. Inside Iwai's bedroom, the convict attempts to grab Iwai. However, Kiri cuts Iwai's hair to free Iwai from the convict's grasp. While Kiri locks the doors, he notices Iwai has peed herself. Kiri gets a call from Houko who tells him to protect Iwai. When the convict bashes the wall, Kiri hugs Iwai to comfort her. Kiri dodges the convict's attacks since the convict is swinging like a child. He slices the convict multiple times to disable him by severing the convict's tendons.

The next morning, Sumeragi notes that Kiri did not finish off after touching the hammer. Afterwards, Iwai asks Kiri to cut her hair again. Kiri remarks that he and Iwai are a warped killer and a naive queen.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Tatsuhiko Hikagi Original Concept He is the mangaka on Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge series.
Yuji Yamaguchi Director


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