Lions, Tigers, and Traps! Oh my!

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I think we can all agree that traps are a magical thing. For me, its dancing around that flimsy line of what is socially accepted as beautiful. The awkward position of having to figure out if something is just "too good to be true." The hilarity of the friend who unwittingly goes on a date with one. Laughing at his mistake is cathartic, since you probably would have done the same thing in his position.

From a male perspective, I guess the saying really should be "Why are all the good girls taken/actually boys." Well, Otoko no Ko Club doesn't leave you in suspense... there's a dick in those shorts. All of them.

Originally slated as a variety magazine with a focused on New Halves, the rising popularity of cross dressing males just consumed the entire production. Interestingly, they attribute a rise in cosplay to the birth of a "casual" cross dresser, whom has made the popularity of this magazine a success. Not that I'd blame them, but I wonder how much of their demographic are drooling fangirls?

Bonus Content: Gia linked us a gallery of Fanime cosplayers yesterday. She promises there are at least two in there. How many can you find?

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I guess nobody watched Bones some months back- Go watch it on hulu, it was the best episode they had since season 2 and 3 - people hated it because they love "Comedy" Bones but I thought it was awesome...

and the season finale was awesome too but damn it Fox why move it to Thursday? Anyway without spoling the whole episode, Japanese Cop and Booth know each other from way back - Japanese cop brings over a similar person to Bones (who does athposes), and the rest of the people that help Bones try to figure out what this person is. At the end of the episode (and by now most of the males want to get in to bed with this person) the female who does 3D imaging for Bones (trying to figure out the cause of death) hugs the person... she finds out hes a dude and everybody gets stunned. Its a underrated episode.
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I have a story about Anime Boston, my friends and I were practicing for the masquerade in a remote part of the convention center. We were just about to leave when this girl comes out of the men's room, in full Haruhi cosplay. But then she turns her head and I realize its a guy!

And I also got a picture of a crossplaying Sakura (I needed a crossdresser for the cosplay scavenger hunt)
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those girls are hot!
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I heard you were gonna be in an upcomming mag.
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No! Len! Abort! Abort!
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all of them,
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Admiral Akbar, if you'd be so kind...
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