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Cromartie High has the dubious honor of teaching some of Japan's worst teen delinquents. Its students range from the rebellious-Hayashida, who sports a mauve Mohawk, or Freddy, a lookalike for gay rock icon Freddie Mercury of Queen-to the downright strange, like the gorilla in high school uniform who really is a gorilla, or robot boy Shinichi Mechazawa. He looks like an aerosol can with telescopic arms and claw hands, but everyone treats him like a normal student. The school is locked in gang warfare with rival Destrade High. Into this peculiar institution, created by Eiji Nonaka for his manga in weekly Shonen Magazine, comes tall, handsome Takashi Kamiyama. Nobody knows why an honor roll student would join the deadbeats of Cromatie High, but he has to be the toughest honor student around, so naturally surreal high jinks and wacky sight gags ensue in this parody of tough-guy anime like Charge Ahead! Men's School, whose Japanese title it echoes. Takashi is the one non-delinquent in a school full of them, a role reversal from which Cromartie High draws much of its comedy-compare to Alice Academy, which revisits a similar theme from a gentler magical-girl perspective. In 2005, following the release of a Cromartie High spin-off live-action movie, the filmmakers were sued by former Yomiuri Giants baseball player Warren Cromartie for using his name without permission in a tale of delinquency.

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Name Cromartie High
Romaji: Sakigake!! Cromartie Koko
Publisher ?
Start Year 2004
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Aliases Charge!! Cromartie High
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