Cromartie High School Characters

Cromartie High School is an anime series in the Cromartie High School franchise
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Akira Maeda

One of the main delinquents in Cromartie High School. Of those in the group, he appears to be on the bottom of the totem pole; despite being as rational as Kamiyama, his suggestions fall on deaf ears.

Beta Mechazawa

Mechazawa's little brother who is basically a tinyerier version of him and is a cell phone.


A strong, silent student at Cromartie High School. Not much is known about him, other than his strong resemblance to the late Freddy Mercury.

Hiromi Go

A Cromartie High School student, apprentice Sushi chef and, more importantly, a gorilla.

Shinichi Mechazawa

One of the most notorious delinquents of Cromartie High who is a robot. So far only Kamiyama, Hayashida, Maeda are the only ones aware he is a robot.

Shinjirou Hayashida

Takashi Kamiyama

The main character in Cromartie High School.

Takeshi Hokuto

The powerful and charismatic heir to the Hokuto Group and controller of several high schools. Transferred to Cromartie High School on accident.

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