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A little research reveals that this actually used to run on G4’s late nite programming block, and I find that entirely fitting, because this had to be the most Adult Swim-like anime I’ve ever watched here. According to Sam and Matt’s appraisal from the Vice Pit where we first discussed this (further corroborated by the aforementioned researched), this show is, in fact, based on a manga that parodied juvenile delinquent stories from the 70’s and 80’s.

Still, it certainly feels like some animators got the rights to some older anime series and opted to remix ‘n repurpose it like SEALAB 2021, HARVEY BIRDMAN, SPACE GHOST: COAST TO COAST, et al, have done. I really can’t think of any other anime that’s had this amount of cross-hatching on just the character’s face - - and the sight of that over-rendering is hilarious on its own. It totally looks like the figures were snipped out of animation cels and played around with like little paper dolls…

Anyway… this show’s straight-up hilarious. No skirting around it. Matt and Sam’s hype for it was warranted, and I even agree with Sam’s wish that somebody could come along and build this up into something more polished and ambitious, because these super-short episodes are just so tantalizing.

None of you should be surprised that I skipped right ahead to the episode Sam re-created on the Pit where one of the rival gang leaders has a secret double-life as an aspiring comedian and goes through such strum und drang over a radio station’s joke writing contest. That premise alone is some seriously funny shit, but the credit’s popped up before they could really exploit to its fullest comedic potential - - so now I share in my co-host’s frustrations and wishes for this show!

Unfortunately for you all, this actually isn’t available on any (legal!) streaming service at the moment so, unless you caught this on that programming block sometime last decade, you’re probably going to have to just imagine how funny this was.

Or maybe you can just bug Sam to lend you a copy like I did. Natch!

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I have only heard great things about Cromartie High, can't wait to some day check it out for myself. *crosses fingers for it getting acquired by a legal streaming service*

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Not sure if you know this, Tom, but there's also a live-action movie of Cromartie and it is....not bad. Or at least I remember it being pretty funny, but it's been a few years since I saw it.

The manga is amazing too.

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Yeah, this is still one of the funniest anime I've ever seen. I think there should be more of it.

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The live-action movie is so bad it's good, I laughed my ass off

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meh...been watching this on and off for about a month now. Pretty hit and miss for me tbh

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I love the anime, but I couldn't stand the live action movie. I just bought a copy of the anime collection for my buddy and he loved it as well.

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My only exposure to this was it's opening song( I think). A friend linked it to me to illustrate Queen-ish J musics? I can't quite recall...

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Cromartie is about the strangest anime I've ever seen, and I am grateful to it for that. Just wonderful.

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@Fat_Magnum: Queen music? The only connection to Queen I remember is the character, Freddy.

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@Donwun: What's your favorite anime comedy?

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My favorite anime comedy would have to be Ranma 1/2

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@Donwun: Are you a fan of dry humor?

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Firstly yes I am a fan of dry humour but funny enough you got me thinking, how many anime titles have I seen with dry humor like this in them….hmm….not many actually….maybe school rumble a lil

Funny enough when it comes to dry humour American cartoons seem to have a wider selection…a big example (if not the biggest) being South Park or a personal favourite of mine Home Movies.

Dry Humour in general seems to be hit or miss in my opinion…I mean you either get it or you don’t and with Cromertie its 50 / 50 for me.

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