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A scientific expedition finds the hidden tomb of Genghis Khan in Mongolia. Supernatural apparitions destroy the expedition and proclaim a curse that in a thousand days a great natural disaster will devastate the whole world unless three young people bearing a wolf-shaped birthmark or scar are found and killed. Kei, a martial-arts student in Beijing, is identified as the first of the Crimson Wolves. He survives an assassination attempt, but his old teacher is murdered. Kei tracks the killers for revenge and is shocked to learn that he has been targeted by every government espionage agency in the world. Refusing to believe the "curse," Kei teams up with the other Crimson Wolves, nubile Japanese love interest/distressed damsel Mizuho Washio and the handsome, rakish "adversary" of the team Ryugen, a Chinese tong boss.

Genghis Khan is just one of three Great Kings, Oriental undead who will become supreme masters of the world unless stopped by the Crimson Wolves a thousand days after the opening of the tomb, with the other two being the Qin Emperor (China's unifier and the ward of the famous Terra-cotta Army) and Communist leader Mao Zedong. In scraps of clumsy plotting typical of such matinee adventures, the Crimson Wolves only become aware of the threat they pose when assassins are sent to stop them-if the Great Kings left them in ignorance, the thousand days would have passed without opposition! The Crimson Wolves are told they have great powers (not surprising since Kei has his eyes poked out in prison and is miraculously healed by the time he is rescued). Eventually, the Great Kings take over the Chinese government's supercomputer, Goku, in a finale that implies the Crimson Wolves have saved China from its cruel first emperor, its Mongol conqueror, the architect of the Great Leap Forward, and the future spread of Communism! Entertainingly bad "yellow peril" hokum, unlikely to be as popular in the People's Republic as Ranma 1/2. LV

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General Information Edit
Name: Crimson Wolf
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1993
Romaji: Hon Ran
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 60 (mins)
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Aliases Hong Lang
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