Crimson Lord

Crimson Lord is a anime/manga concept
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Crimson Lord is the world of crimson's denizen that have a tremendous power, above average.

Lords of Crimson Realm are Denizens whose power stands out among their peers, such as the Trinity of Bal Masqué, Friagne, Pheles, or the Lords that bind themselves to Flame Hazes. Most of the Lords in the series inhabit Flame Hazes and work to maintain the balance, but some are similar to the Crimson Denizens and use Power of Existence for their own purposes.

For the Lords of Crimson Realm who work to maintain the balance of the two worlds, they take care of it by monitoring the Power of Existence and utilizing their contracted Flame Haze to terminate those Crimson Denizens who harm the balance. Lords represent themselves as magical objects called jinki. Every jinki have their own designation; like Cocytus (Alastor's), Grimoire (Marchosias's), or Persona (Tiamat's). They can manifest fully, but to do so requires tremendous amounts of Power of Existence. Lords that are even more powerful, such as Tenjō no Gōka (天壌の劫火) or Sairei no Hebi(祭礼の蛇) are known as Gods (神 Kami) of the Crimson Realm, and each of these Gods are bestowed upon the duty of materializing the very laws of the Crimson world; Alastor is known as the God of Atonement (天罰神 Tenbatsushin), while the Snake of Festival is the God of Creation (創造神 Sōzōshin), each having abilities that suit these names. Among this God, the strongest is Alastor.

General Information Edit
Concept Name Crimson Lord
Japanese Name: 紅世の王
Romaji Name: Guze no Ō
Aliases Lord of Crimson Realm
Guze no O
Crimson Lord
Crimson God
1st manga book: Shakugan no Shana (Light Novel) #1
1st anime episode: Shakugan no Shana #2
1st anime movie:
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