Crest of the Stars

Crest of the Stars is an anime series
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In Space Year 172, peace-loving Planet Martine is occupied by the Abh Human Reich, the genetically engineered descendants of Terran exiles. Now the immortal, elfin rulers of their own empire, they demand Martine's surrender. President Lock Rin deactivates the defenses to avoid a war, and his family is sent back to rule Martine as Abh aristocrats. Years later, the president's son, Jinto, prepares to journey to the heart of the Abh territory to complete his studies, accompanied by the beautiful 16-year-old Abh military cadet Rafeel.

Despite the promising concept of a collaborator turning against his masters and the painstaking recreation of the Abh's alien language, Crest of the Stars fails through misplaced loyalty to Hiroyuki Morioka's original novels, resulting in a succession of uneventful debates not unlike the slower portions of Legend of Galactic Heroes. Squandering much of the budget on showy computer graphics for the first episode, it is soon reduced to cut-rate animation, which further stretches viewers' patience. Idol Project-director Nagaoka attempts to compensate by making Rafeel an elfin space-bimbo, forever bending over and jiggling, a sop to the adolescent audience that devalues much talk of Abh war crimes and conquests, as if Britney Spears had been cast as an SS officer. But there's no accounting for taste, and a sequel, Celestial Banner, duly followed in 2000. The 13-episode TV series Banner of the Stars (2000) reunites Jinto with Rafeel three years later, when he finds a position as a supply officer on her ship, the Basroil. There are elements, albeit serious ones, of Irresponsible Captain Tylor, as the lowly cadet is paired with the high-class princess, while their small detachment is sent to defend the critical Laptic Gate, even though their admiral is from a family renowned for its mental instability. Rafeel is the captain of the ship, whereas Jinto starts the series in the position normally occupied by a disposable Star Trek red-shirt.

Banner of the Stars II (2001) is a smaller ten-episode series in which Rafeel is assigned to become an interim territorial governor on the newly conquered Lobnas II that turns out to be a prison world.

Banner of the Stars III (2005), released straight to video, details Jinto's assignment as a governor on yet another newly conquered world, although his rise through the ranks of the race that conquered his own planet is starting to rankle.

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General Information Edit
Name Crest of the Stars
Name: 星界の紋章
Romaji: Seikai no Monshou
Publisher Bandai Entertainment
Start Year 1999
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Aliases Celestial Crest
Banner of the Stars
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