Creamy Mami

Creamy Mami is an anime series in the Creamy Mami franchise
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Posi and Nega, two spacefaring aliens posing as harmless kittens, give 11-year-old Yu Morisawa a magic wand so she can transform at will into Creamy Mami, idol singer and magical being, but for just one year. Her parents and her friend Toshio don't notice this double identity, even though they are all huge fans of Mami. But when Toshio sees her transform partway through the story, Yu loses her magic powers, and the friends go on a quest to recover them. They succeed, and Creamy comes back to her fans, but Toshio loses his memory.

Mami returned straight to video in 1983 with Eternity Once More, a two-part finale in which she gives a first-anniversary concert, Toshio regains his memory, and Yu finally loses Mami's magical powers. It was so well received that she came back for another encore with The Long Goodbye (1985), in which she, now 13, is transported to an alternate world while helping Toshio make an SF film. The 53-minute story was shown on a triple bill with a Minky Momo (see Gigi) short and the film CM vs. Minky Momo, in which the girls use weapons and special attacks named after the show's staff, including an "Ito Flash" and a "Watanabe Cutter."

In 1985, she also starred in the music compilation CM: Curtain Call, and she returned again for Takashi Anno's 1986 TV special Three Magical Girls, with Magical Fairy Pelsha and Magical Emi. Immensely influential in the magical genre, she is much imitated to this day in shows such as Fancy Lala, and parodied in the Tenchi Muyo! spin-off Pretty Sammy. In 1996, she appeared once more in a computer game, CM: Tale of Two Worlds.

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General Information Edit
Name Creamy Mami
Name: 魔法の天使クリィミーマミ
Romaji: Maho no Tenshi Creamy Mami
Publisher Pierrot
Start Year 1983
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Aliases Magical Angel Creamy Mami
Creamy, merveilleuse Creamy
El broche encantado
L'incantevole Creamy
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