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Crazy is a anime/manga concept
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A villain with heroic goals.

Breaking Point

When a character finally snaps, usually a high strung character whose plan has completely failed. Sometimes it causes them to change personality permanently, and other times they just collapse under the madness.

Bullies and Bullying

A bully is a person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.

Dark Past

One or more past events that negatively affected one or more people. It's very common in an anime for at least one person to have such a past.

Good Turned Bad

Also known as corruption, this is when someone previously goodhearted becomes sinister.

Gun Nut

Often called a Gun Otaku, these characters are often insanely knowledgeable of all kinds of firearms and often have some kind of reason to actually know how to use them.


An evolved form of Ghoul. When a Ghoul consumes enough of there own kind they become stronger and more Deadly. There Kagunes become larger,taking a new form as well as giving the Ghoul itself armor.

Loss of Innocence

Like real life, anime and manga characters lose their innocence through war, trauma, rape, torture, and many agonizing scenarios.


In Soul Eater "Madness" is the power that Kishin and evil spirits use to corrupt others and drive them crazy, often resulting in them turning evil. After the release of Asura, Madness begins to build up around the world uncontrollably.


Korean comics are often referred to as "manhwa."


The act of taking another person's life.

No Mercy

When a character doesn't even hesitate to take care of an opponent and shows them no restraint or sympathy at all. Usually a trait in villains but even heroes can prove to be cold blooded when they need to be.


This is a concept describing people who suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behaviors. The person has high antisocial behavior and lacks the means to create a meaningful relationship with others.

Split Personality

A condition where a character has two or more personalities sharing one body.


A anonymous follower and tab-keeper of another person or persons.


The villain of the story.


She'll do anything for love, and she'll kill you if you think otherwise.

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