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The strongest of the 7 level 5 espers in academy city. His power is called Accelerator, which allows him to change the vector values of anything that comes into contact with his A.I.M field

Alexander Anderson

Iscariot XIII's most powerful Priest and Alucard's biggest rival.He is charged with killing vampires and destroying any other threats to the church. A genetically bio-engineered human(Regenerator) with the ability to regenerate,and wielding his blessed bayonets.He transformed into A monster of God,by merging with holy relics.


The main protagnist of the Hellsing series. Alucard is really count Dracula who was defeated by Abraham Van Hellsing before the series start. He became the Hellsing Organizations weapon against the undead and is truly the most powerful vampire in existence.


Anemone is the pilot of the Type theEND, and is one of Dewey's test subjects.


The first Kishin who was originally a member of Shinigami's "Eight Powerful Warriors". He was insane for secretly eating souls of people not listed and eventually became the powerful Kishin, who was sealed under Death City until he escaped.He is the main villain of Soul Eater.

Bando Eiji

a character from Gunmania by Kouta Hirano He is a gunman who has mental problems

Bernhardt Rhodes

Kazuma´s biggest enemy and president of Armagest, a european magic organization. He enjoys suffering and is the one resposible of Tsui-Ling´s death.


Known as the Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly is a non-canon character who only appears in a couple of movies and various Dragon Ball video games.

Caesar Clown

Caesar Clown is a mad scientist with a bounty of 300,000,000 beri and a former colleague of the famous Dr. Vegapunk. Caesar is famous for his creation of weapons of mass murder.


Wet-Haired Caribou is the captain of the Caribou Pirates and the user of the Swamp-Swamp Fruit.

Claude Weaver

Claude "Torch" Weaver is a firebug and mercenary in the city of Roanapur.


Coribou is a member of the Caribou Pirates and the younger brother of "Wet-Hair" Caribo.


Deadpool has a brief cameo in the X-Men anime series, episode 12: Destiny.


Along with her sister Saya, Diva is a Chiropteran queen-- but unlike Saya, she favors Chiropteran dominance over humans.


Dock is a crazy fisherman with multiple personality disorder and switches personalities with hats.

Erika Karisawa

A friend of Walker Yumasaki. She is a very passionate otaku and manga reader.

Eustass Kid

Eustass Kid is a pirate captian and holds the highest bounty among the Eleven Supernovas class pirates. He is a Devil Fruit user.

Galehart Von Fleedlit

Galehart is a crazy old man who thinks Lina is his wife


After Megatron was badly injured and thrown out into space by Starscream. He encountered Unicron who gave him more power and was reborn as Galvatron.

Genkaku Azuma

The leader of the Undertakers. Azuma is a self-proclaimed "Ultra Buddhist Priest" who wields an electric V-shaped guitar that can split into two machine guns.

Gyrus Krinkle

An obsessed fan of the Robot Monkey Team who tries to get rid of Chiro in order to take his place.

Haruna Niekawa

A former student of Raira Academy. The reason for her transfer was because Haruna came into belonging a daughter of the cursed sword Saika. Since obtaining this cursed knife she has been slashing random people at night in Ikebukuro.

Heinkel Wolfe

A dangerous Iscariot Assassin.Would eventually became a fearsome regenerator soldier for Christianity.

Hibana Daida

Hibana Daida is a member of 3rd Platoon commander of the Undertakers. Though she is just a young girl, she was warped by the abuse of her mother.


A crazy young boy killing yakuzas

Ivan Isaacs


Janemba is a being created by a freak accident

Jin-e Udo

Jin-e was a hitokiri during the Revolution and continued killing after it ended and is a master of the Nikaido Heiho technique.

Jung Zorndyke

He´s the main antagonist of the Blue Submarine No. 6 series.


Juugo, naturally nice and gentle, but has homicidal urges due to the Curse Mark. He sought Orochimaru to cure him and was locked away, Orochimaru instead found a way to give others the Curse Mark.

Kain Phalanx

The 58th Sevaar and one time friend of Scarface. He went insane and attempted to murder King Iba Sutra forcing Scarface to kill him.


Kanato Sakamaki

One of the Sakamaki brothers. He talks to his Teddy and might not have a strong grip on his sanity.

Karl Fei-Ong

One of Diva's Chevaliers who goes by his alias Phantom.

King Bumi

King Bumi is the crazy, old king of the Earth Kingdom stronghold of Omashu, and a childhood friend of Avatar Aang.

Koichi Shidou

Koichi Shidou is the teacher of Class 3-A from Fujimi High School. He is seen as an egotistical man who plans on ruling the new world with the loyal cult of former students.

Koji Makaino

Koji "Koogy" Makaino is a musician and mangaka in Bakuman who tries to become a successful mangaka through his popularity as a rock star.

Kunio Ohmichi

Kunio Ohmichi is a psychotic officer in the Kaubto Synidicate and brother of Yukio Ohmichi.


A Masō-shōjo who is the serial killer responsible for killing Ayumu.

Liang Qi

Exhibitionist and member of the Snakes who constantly calls herself Alphard's sister. Liang tries everything she can to prove her love to her sister, but it seems to be an unrequited love.

Lidvia Lorenzetti

A Roman Catholic nun who has the ability to convert people to Christianity regardless of who they are. She is behind the plan to set up the "Croce di Pietro" in Academy City that would forcibly convert it's residents to become members of the Roman Catholic Church.

Lio Shirazumi

A character from the Kara no Kyoukai series. His background can not be explained without giving MAJOR SPOILERS. You have been warned.

Majin Buu

Buu is one of the strongest fighters that Goku has ever faced. Don't let the pink skin and lack of ears fool you he has power beyond that of many of the DBZ fighters.

Mana Ouma

Mana Ouma is Shu's older sister, and is the first to get infected by the Apocalypse Virus.


Mao is a Geass user who held a contract with C.C. before Lelouch, he has the power to read others minds but can't control it. A power that went out of control and drove him insane.


A Crimson Lord with a crazy personality.


Maria is part of the Third generation of sisters created by Tatsuoki Furumizu and is the first to be equipped with a Dual Cloneblade.

Michael Roa Valdamjong

The main antagonist of Tsukhime. Roa was a priest who sought immortality and was able to obtain it through reincarnation. He became a vampire by tricking Arcueid into drinking his blood.


A beautiful, yet cryptic female student who writes a urgent letter to Takuto that she knows that he has been "possessed" by sinister demons, Mikoto really longs to be with the stunned Takuto, who is blown away by the fact that the girl he loves would go this far!

Minatsuki Takami

Minatuski is Yo Takami's younger sister. Both of them were victims of the Great Tokyo Earthquake, which their mother supposedly died. She is also one of the deadman of the prison

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