Crayon Shin-chan Characters

Crayon Shin-chan is a franchise comprised of 2 movies, 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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Action Bastard

A fictional henshin style hero in Crayon Shin-Chan universe. He often exploits his popular show by selling and advertising his products throughout his television series. In his show, he's always with his trusted sidekick Loli Pop.

Ai Suotome

Ai Suotome is a wealthy spoiled girl from Shin's kindergarten class. Ai is often accompany with her bodyguard Mr. K. Ai is cunning and manipulative and will blackmail or exploit any weaknesses to get her way. She is in love with Shin chan.


Boo is one of Shin's classmates in his kindergarten class. Boo is kinda slow and he has a perpetually runny nose with a string of snot running down his face.

Georgie Herbert Walker Prescott III

Georgie is one of Shin's friends and classmate in his kindergarten class. Georgie is the preppy goody-goody two shoes type. He is also a republican and often argues with Shin and his lifestyle.

Ginnosuke Nohara

Ginnosuke Nohara is the father of Hiro Nohara and the grandfather of Hima and Shin. Just like Hiro and Shin, Ginnosuke is somewhat of a lady chaser as well.

Happiness Bunny

Happiness Bunny is a stuffed plush animal toy that belongs to Penny Milfer. Penny and her mother often take out their anger on Happiness Bunny by beating it senseless...

Hima Nohara

The youngest child of the Nohara family. A precocious and vibrant infant. She possess a palpable lust for shiny objects and brand-name goods.

Hiro Nohara

Father of the Nohara family, and its sole source of income. He and his wife bicker on many different things, from how little he gets for spending money every month, to whose turn it is to give the baby a bath.

Loli Pop

Loli Pop is Action Bastard's trusty sidekick, she often arrives just in the nick of time with a new invention or action technique for Action Bastard to use.

Maso Sato

Maso is one of Shin's friend from his kindergarten class. Maso is a bit of an effeminate crybaby, and is in love with Ai Suotome.

Michi Hatogaya

Michi is the wife of Yoshirin, and the both of them are neighbors of the Nohara family. They are often portrayed as moochers.

Miss Anderson

Miss Anderson is Shin Chan's kindergarten teacher at the Super Happy Fun Time American School. Her boyfriend is Doyle, the closet telepath.

Miss Polly

Miss Polly is one of the teachers at Super Happy Fun Time American School. Don't let her shy look fool you, she is a kinky closet pervert!

Mitzy Nohara

Mitzy Nohara is Shin and Hima's mother, and Hiro's wife. Mitzy loves bargains and sales and is often a penny pincher. She continually saves money for her boob job jar.

Mr. K

Mr. K is Ai Suotome's personal driver and bodyguard. He is always around her and does her every bidding. Ai often exploits his dark secrets and blackmails him to follow her orders.

Nanako Oohara

Nanako is a young college student in which Shin is in love with...


Nushiyo is the land lady of Falling Apartments, she has very strict rules for her tenants, and despises Shin and his friends. She likes to spend her time building constructs from her collection of dentures.


Paris is the young daughter of Summer. She is dressed like and acts like her teenage mother. She is somewhat a rival of Hima Nohara.

Patty Milfer

Patty Milfer is Penny Milfer's mother. Patty is abused physically and sexually by her husband Bill Milfer. On top of that, Shin always causes trouble for her on several occasions. With all of her troubles, Patty is a bit erratic and full of rage, which she takes out on Happiness Bunny.

Penny Milfer

Penny is one of Shin's classmates in his kindergarten class. She is often the rival of Ai Suotome, and she loves to play House; sometimes the medical drama version and sometimes the cooking and cleaning version... She comes from a troubled family, and often takes out her anger through her stuffed bunny plush.

Principal Ench

Principal Ench is the school principal of the Super Happy Fun Time American School.

Rachel Katz

Rachel Katz is one of the teachers at the Super Happy Fun Time American School. She has an alternate persona as Tiger Woman, one of Ench Man's greatest enemies!

Shin Nohara

Shin is the title character on Crayon Shin Chan. He is a rowdy kindergarten kid and the show is based mainly on his and his friends and families crazy antics. Shin is a devoted Action Bastard fan!


Summer is a single teenage mother, and is one of the residents at the Falling Apartments location. She is young and hip, and her daughter is named after her idol Paris Hilton.


Whitey is the Nohara families' pet dog. He is a fluffy white dog and is often neglected although he shares a special relationship with Shin.


Yonro is one of the tenants that live at Falling Apartments... When the Nohara family moves in, Yonro is one of their neighbors. Yonro is a college reject.

Yoshirin Hatogaya

Yoshirin is the husband of Michi, and the both of them are neighbors of the Nohara family. They are moochers who are always in debt due to their spending habits.


Yuu is one of the tenants of Falling Apartments, she lives in apartment 203. She is the neighbor of Shin's family when they move in temporarily. Yuu's dream is to become an actress, and because of that, she is often seen in strange costumes and make up...

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