Crack is an anime episode of Togainu no Chi that was released on 11/04/2010

 The mysterious man
 The mysterious man
Takeru steals another players tag as said player is sleeping, stabs him, and runs away. A mysterious man sees this happen just as the ‘defeated opponent’ yells that the Executioners will go after Takeru. Takeru seeks refuge in an alleyway, and the mysterious man from before approaches him and passes him a vial of Line, promising Takeru strength. Takeru’s vaulting ambition and eagerness to win Igura causes him to accept the drug. 
Rin, is alone in Toshima, and is targeted by a group of thugs. He threatens to kill them and they don’t listen. In a flash, they are all dead.
  Keisuke, who was left of the roof of the hotel after Rin and Akira chased after Shiki dreams about the time when Akira and he were in the orphanage together. Keisuke remembers Akira being just as cold and independent as before.
 The man suddenly collapses
 The man suddenly collapses
  Akira, who was previously fighting Shiki goes out to find him again, but runs into a gang after his tags. Akira easily defeats the first man, but they team up and beat him. The two taunt and torture Akira in order to ‘teach him what pain feels like’. One of the men (who is high on Line) stabs Akira and licks the blood off of his knife, but suddenly falls onto the ground, choking. Akira kicks his way free and steals the near dead man’s tag. 
 Shiki visits Arbitro
 Shiki visits Arbitro
Meanwhile, Arbitro receives a case of drugs, and tells Shiki to ‘finish up the job’. From there the two exchange witty banter and Shiki leaves to finish up his job. Abritro then takes Kau to his ‘entertainment room’. When he opens the door there are other young men bound pierced and scarred like Kau. 
Akira stops to rest after running from the scene of his fight. He can’t help but wonder what caused the other man to fall down dead. His thoughts race, and he goes through the worst-case scenarios thinking that maybe he broke one of the rules of Igura. In the end he draws to the conclusion that it is a fair fight, but he realizes that he needs to hide and wait for his wounds to heal. Suddenly Akira hears Gunji and Kiriwar walking down the street dragging the dead body of the man Akira previous fought and took the tags of. Akira knocks over a 2 by 4 and the Executioners make their way towards the source of the sound. At the same time another man comes up from behind Akira and covers his mouth. 
The man tells Akira not to make a sound, and he is revealed to be Motomi. Motomi takes Akira’s place as soon as Gunji rounds the corner. Motomi talks his way out of it, but suddenly Gunji makes a sneaky remark and is hit by Kiriwar. The two leave, dragging the dead body behind them. Akira sees the body and wonders if it was he that caused the man to suddenly drop dead. Back in the hotel, people keep talking about horrifying fights. Keisuke overhears them talking and instantly beings to worry about Akira who has been missing for some time. Keisuke promises that he and Akira will leave Toshima together and alive. Motomi warns Akira that he should be more cautious when the Executioners aware around. Akira asks Motomi why he’s there. Motomi explains he was looking for Shiki who had apparently escaped that way. Motomi teams up with Akira in order to get him back to Keisuke and Rin. 
 The Fight
 The Fight
Keisuke and Rin meet up not far from the hotel, and quickly Motomi and Akira find them. Keisuke notices that Akira is injured and runs to get medical supplies. Keisuke explains that they need to clean Akira’s wound before it gets worse. Akira claims that Keisuke is over reacting. Keisuke suddenly remarks that Akira has been extremely cold lately, and states he is worried. Akira snaps and tells Keisuke to leave him alone. Keisuke tries to tell Akira that he can help, but Akira claims that Keisuke wouldn’t understand. Akira shows Keisuke his recently achieved tag. And Keisuke simply states his admiration for Akira. Akira explodes and says that Keisuke needs to learn to stand up for himself, express his emotions, and do what’s best for him. Keisuke tells Akira he only wants to make Akira happy, but Akira scolds Keisuke for joining Igura with him. Keisuke only apologises, but Akira won’t have any of it. Keisuke breaks down and runs away, leaving Akira, Rin, and Motomi.

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Natsuko Takahashi Series Composition
Daisuke Chiba Episode Director
Takaaki Ishiyama Episode Director
Naoyuki Konno Director
Shigeki Kuhara Animation Director


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