What the F@#$ Did I Just Watch?! COYOTE RAGTIME SHOW Episode #1

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  What I expected...
 What I expected...

I don’t know if it’s another example of “Engrish” but I’m always amused by the bizarre titles for these shows which often hint a radically-different kind of plot.  See, when DocHaus recommend COYOTE RAGTIME SHOW to me, I assumed, like any other rational human being, that it’d be a Southern-fried funny animal musical like THE COUNTRY BEARS JAMBOREE.   Like any reasonable person, I figured I’d be seeing some desert canines tinkling out some jazz on the piano while alternately cakewalking and two-stepping across the stage. Obviously, that isn’t the case, as there are no coyotes to be seen. Coyotes are mentioned, by I’m not quite sure if they’re referring to the illegal immigrant smugglers that American are familiar with.

  What I got.
 What I got.

I’m going to also remark, again, that the show I was figured I was watching for the first fifteen minutes was radically changed by the introduction of a fantastical non-sequitor.  In this case, it’s a circle of cosplayers dropping into the max security prison setting of the show.   I refer to them as cosplayers instead of doll-faced android killing machines because these characters are dressed too ridiculously even for a sci-fi anime. I hear a lot about “fan service” in anime, so I have to conceive of their outfits as intentionally baiting audiences to dress up like them. I have to.

  Do you figure the half-lens are practical or purely style?
 Do you figure the half-lens are practical or purely style?

As far as these pilot episodes go, I’ll comment that the creators of COYOTE RAGTIME SHOW actually do an exceptional job of pacing this. Rather than dropping you into the mix with absolutely no exposition like BLASSREITER, or bogging things down with a long expository narration, they actually introduce you to this world, organically, as part of the forward thrust of the plot.   This was one of the few pilots I watched so far where I was actually intrigued - - where I was actually in suspense - - when it came time to commercials break. Maybe it’s that no-nonsense fed Angelica Burns, whom I could actually root for as she figured the situation out and pump my fist up for when she clocked some prisoners and popped off some rounds at some outlaws.

Check out the show for yourself, below, and see if you agree with me. Recommend another show I can watch online, while you’re at it.  


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For what is essentially an attempt to make something vaguely Cowboy Bebop-esque but more merchandisable, Coyote Ragtime Show isn't half-bad...but it's not particularly good either. IMO, it was more or less just forgettable.
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After watching the next couple of episodes after the pilot, I can't believe they made Inspector Angelica a side character in this show and decided to focus on Mister and his crew instead. Feels like one hell of a "PSYCHE!" moment.
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I thought is was pretty good, could have been much better though.
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