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Isamu Wataru is the child of a Japanese man and a Native American woman, a skilled gunfighter from an early age because of the dangers of life in the Wild West. After his mother's death, he is taken in by the folks of Rotten Camp, and raised by the Wingate family as one of their own. The Wingates teach him superb sharp-shooting skills, but as Isamu gets older, he comes to realize that they are outlaws, and that they are encouraging him to put his powers to evil use-compare to similar loyalty issues that trouble Kikaider. Based on the manga Boy King (Shonen Oja) by Soji Yamakawa and Noboru Kawasaki, serialized in Shonen Jump weekly, this series drifted away from its inspiration in the second half, preferring to concentrate instead on Isamu's search for his missing father. Director Takahata had a young colleague named Hayao Miyazaki on his animation team, which is the main reason English-speaking fans remember this children's adventure story about a boy making his way in the lawless West.

The show's title seems designed to encourage associations with American cowboy programs already seen on Japanese television. Hondo (1967) was broadcast in Japan as Koya no Apache or "Wilderness Apache," while Branded (1965), was shown in Japanese as Koya no Nagaremono, or "Wilderness Wanderer"-Isamu's surname actually means "drifter."

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General Information Edit
Name Cowboy Isamu
Romaji: Koya no Shonen Isamu
Publisher ?
Start Year 1973
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Aliases Wilderness Boy Isamu
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