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 If I was a mark, I probably would've been ripped off or shot by now. I admit to it...
 If I was a mark, I probably would've been ripped off or shot by now. I admit to it...

I suppose I’m getting better at spotting these homages in COWBOY BEBOP. I was going to comment on how much the shoot-out in the church at the end of this one reminded of the one in THE KILLER and, according to a certain online database, this episode was meant to pay tribute to the cumulative works of John Woo. They’ve even got the pigeons that the “Woo-man” somehow manages to wrangle into every slo-mo stand-off. 

frsty13, DXmagma and CharredKnight all said that the last episode was their least favorite of the whole series. I liked that one, myself. It had the same kind of rude, over-the-top satire that I enjoy in a good Judge Dredd yarn. But this one? This “Ballad of Fallen Angels?” I don’t know… I’d have to say that this is the least-interesting one I’ve seen, so far.  It just seemed a bit generic, and certainly less colorful, than the previous episodes. My attention wandered a bit and, I’ll fess up, it wandered to more, shall we say, prurient aspects of the show…

Faye filled out that opera dress pretty well, didn’t she?  And here I thought the “Gainax bounce” was limited to toons that were actually produced by Gainax.  It was kind-of hypnotizing - - like watching two lava lamps shifting constantly.

Actually, since we’re on the subject of Gainax, could some of you lunatics give me your take on what distinguishes Sunrise from all the other animation studios? What have they produced aside from my esteemed ESCAFLOWNE? Do they have themes, subjects or proclivities that set them apart from the rest? Can you reconigize their toons just by the style of animation? Do they have any of their own “Gainax bounce”-style trademarks? Educate me!  

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Honestly, this episode doesn't fit in with the rest of the series so it's hard to look at it the same as other episodes.  While it has its own story arc, the truth is, this episode is an introduction to Spike's past.  The episode's individual story arc is really weak, but there's the making of a story here and it'll be fleshed out more later. 
I think the main reason this episode was even here is that you need this introduction because that small snippet at the start of episode 1 doesn't quite cut it.  Best you can really do is watch it for what it is.
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 Umm, Gundam, Mai-HiME, Mai-Otome, Code Geass, Outlaw Star, Planetes, Gintama, Dirty Pair, Crest of Stars? Any of those ring a bell (ahem, *cough*Gundam*cough*)?    
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Oh I like this episode a lot. Maybe it's because I know it's the first of an on-going arc of episodes about Spike's past. But it's the first episode to really give any information about the past of these characters, while the rest are just "a day in the life of the bebop crew". 
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@agila61 said:
"  Umm, Gundam, Mai-HiME, Mai-Otome, Code Geass, Outlaw Star, Planetes, Gintama, Dirty Pair, Crest of Stars? Any of those ring a bell (ahem, *cough*Gundam*cough*)?     "
They also did Armored Trooper Votoms (which I need to finish recapping my way through), City Hunter, Patlabor TV and SPT Layzner. 
As far as distinctive style goes, they're probably one of the studios that does the Real-Robot style anime the best. If, by sheer luck, you manage to pick up a copy of Votoms (or Patlabor) at some point in the future, I'd be interested in seeing your take on that.
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What I notice about  Sunrise is a heavy emphasis on drama and serious themes. Not that they don't do comedy, but when you look at Gainex. They tend to be a bit more over the top with the goofiness. Not so much in Evangelion, but look at Gurren Lagann and FLCL.
Sunrise has the perpetual war series of Gundam, and I often describe Code Geass as being the anime equivalent of V for Vendetta
Faye sure as hell knows how to fill out a gown. I like that she doesn't have these giant breasts. Feels more realistic.

I believe it's more often called the Gainax Bounce, because Gainax was really popularized for doing it and being more blatant. It's also sounds catchy, and easier to say than something generic along the lines of Bouncing Breasts.
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Is it just me but I feel the 'over arching story line' episodes of Cowboy Bebop are usually the worst apart from a few? (Yes I do realise there's about four if that X D) I just felt Spikes background episodes are well, a bit boring to be honest. 
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I agree with you Triforce, but then this is far from my favorite show.  Um and FoxxFire...v for vendetta was by way as ridiculous as code geass...I gave up on it for a bit becuase it was just so over the top ridiculous I mean the power ups and crazy plans working were worse than shonen in many ways.  V for vendetta had its share of this but was nowhere near as bad.  Now, once I got over this and watched the show again I did enjoy it...I mean the way he even sacrificed his had stones that is for sure.
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Oh boy, studio themes. Take note that these is completely my own opinion of them.
Sunrise: The consummate young urban professional, has a knack for finding the "next big thing", and then proceeds to wear it out for all its worth. Likes adapting stories and robots.
Gainax: The perpetual art student. Depression prone. Hates "becoming the man" but can't refuse the pay cheques. Likes to spout philosophical nonsense once in a while.
Gonzo: The poser. Has actual talent in drawing, but forgets that drawing isn't necessarily the same as writing. Has trouble with numbers. Especially when they're on bank notes. 
Bones: Can't seem to do anything wrong. Flexible, well liked, successful, good marriage, smart kids. Not a lot of personality though, just like his father Sunrise.
Kyoto Animation: The popular guy on campus. Knows what his audience wants and gives it to them. Has an unhealthy fascination with young girls. Also tends to repeat himself. Endlessly.
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The thing I love about Cowboy Bebop is that it tells you just enough about the characters to give you a sense of their psychology and their place in the world--the downside of that is that many episodes (especially this one, as it is the first to really break from the previous pattern of each episode *pretty much* standing alone) require you to pay close attention to things that seem like random atmosphere and throw-away window dressing.  I guess what I'm saying is that Bebop will show you a lot of things without telling you how they fit into the larger picture, must less telling you "hey dumbass, this is important, pay attention."
As an example of the expository minimalism, consider how everything we need to know (well, at this point) about Vicious is summed up in Faye's reaction to him introducing himself.
This episode really grows on you the second time you watch through the series, I think.
Also, I wanted to point out that Yoko Kanno's setting of Ave Maria used here (performed by Jerzy Kneting with the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra)  is absolutely gorgeous.  Well, I think it's a setting of the traditional lyrics, at least...I can't really make out the words in operatic singing that well.
I've given this show repeated viewings, but the soundtrack has absolutely taken over my iPod.
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