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   Go on and wave that gun big girl, honey, we all know you're just a big softie.
 Go on and wave that gun big girl, honey, we all know you're just a big softie.

“Everybody plays the fool, there’s no exception to the rule…”

Or so the song goes. And it’s definitely true. First, we saw Jet’s unresolved issues with his ex on Ganymede, then we saw Spike drop everything for “the one that got away” and, now… now, we get to meet the bastard who broke Faye’s heart. Each one of them has acted so cool and hard most of the time, and each one of them has totally lost control once these scabs have been re-opened. I figure Edward’s too young to have baggage, or even boy troubles, but I don’t know; if kids are growing up faster today, imagine how fast they’ll be in the 2060s.

Speaking of which, I’m not one to wave “the hard science” flag at a space opera, but I don’t buy that there’s be this kind of rampant space travel in 50 years. I don’t even buy that we’d have such advanced cryogenics today, considering how we've found out that Faye’s been (presumably) sleeping that long.

This episode had one of the best exchanges in the whole show...   

Faye realizes Spike’s been listening in on her sob story.

“How long have you been there?” she asks.

“Too long. Your story needs editing," he answers curtly.

Wammy! Undercutting the drama with some punchy snark is always the best way to go. It’s like getting some maple frosting and rainbow sprinkles on the broccoli your Mom’s making you eat. I feel for Faye, I do, I do. She got scammed and hurt by this dashing stranger. But it makes me snicker, a lot, to see her still so hopeless for this guy even after he’s packed on years of flab. I guess those pick-up gurus have been right along. It ain’t about looks, it’s all just about talking smooth, acting cocky and treating her like crap… although, I think even they'd  agree that slapping all your huge financial debts on the girl is quite a bit harsher than dropping some negs.  

I think I’m starting to see the recipe for a good COWBOY BEBOP episode. Black comedy plus simple, but interesting, SF concepts plus emotional tension from the past minus Vicious equals gold.

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Spike is just that awesome.
And Vicious grows on you towards the end, but he doesn't show up for a while I don't think.
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" It may be factual, it may be cruel, I ain't lying. Everybody plays the fool. "
It's surprising how the name Ganymede is a lot more popular in anime than one would think. In Code Geass, there is a mech named Ganymede. I know that only makes up two examples, but it's more than you'd think.
I would of thought Ed's baggage would be pretty obvious from the start. She's a kid alone, and she named herself. 
Spike has heard so many different stories from Faye. He wouldn't even know the truth.
What happened to Faye in the past was beyond harsh. You took a woman in debt and gave her your debt. That's even more sick than giving a rich person your debt. On top of it all you find out he's alive and the people who helped him are also there. It's as if there is one large karma bomb lumped together.
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I think you're going to enjoy Episode 18 immensely then, Tom.
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i love cowboy bebop
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@SamJaz: No more Vicious for a while? Good!
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@FoxxFireArt: If she's alone, she doesn't have any baggage!  No attachments. 
I'm not sure what Ganymede is an allusion to. I feel like I should, though.
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@comicbikerscott: So do I!
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@jeffreyc: What should I expect?
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Random trivia via Wikipedia: " Keiko Nobumoto, a Cowboy Bebop scriptwriter, decided to model the appearance of the character Whitney Hagas Matsumoto, the bounty of the episode, after actor George Clooney. Watanabe said that one thing he likes about animation is that one can "write in whatever actor you want cheaply." 
18 is another episode focused on Faye's past.
Ganymede is a moon of Jupiter, which makes sense since in the mythology Zeus abducts him, grants him immortality, makes him "cupbearer to the Gods," and sexes him up real good.  
"In poetry, Ganymede was a symbol for the ideally beautiful youth and also for homosexual love, sometimes contrasted with Helen of Troy in the role of heterosexuality." (Wikipedia)
My guess is they just picked it because it's a real astronomical place.  You have to be careful with classical or Christian references in anime, a lot of the time they just choose something that looks or sounds cool.
For what it's worth, most of the rest of the series follows your formula at least loosely.  Glad you're getting into it.
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This is one of my favorite episodes. She completely falls for the white knight, only to find out he scammed her (much like how she does with everyone), yet, she still can't help but have feelings for him after everything is said and done. 
A few more Fey episodes will make her show more humanity than anyone on the ship, but everyone has some more emotional episodes (a strangely sad episode for Ed, a semi-creepy episode for Jet, a tragic episode for Fey, and the finale for Spike).
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18's another episode about Faye, and it's full of the ingredients you outlined for a good episode recipe.  It's funny and emotional, there's a tip-of-the-hat to old electronics, and you'll end up seeing a side of Faye you haven't really seen before.  Sorry if I'm not being specific, I just don't want to give anything away.
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Cowboy Bebop is an amazing anime. It really goes above and beyond what you would expect from this kind of show. Also, your continued commentary is always enjoyable!
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Anyone else feel like this show is incredibly easy to spoil?  I think it's tied to the storytelling style here--they only ever tell you just enough.
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Uh, I've owned all the Bebop episodes since they came out. I've only rewatched the Vicious episodes and one other more than a couple of times, the Vicious episodes specifically like... oh, let's say 20 times. 
Vicious is awesome. You stink.
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yeah I never got into viscous etiher and that is very much tied up with why I don't like this show much.  And yes ed very much has baggage and I agree it should be obvious.  To continue your song...."you use your heart just like a tool"
For eds song:  I am rock!  I am an Island!  (doesn't usually work out very well)
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CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHAT THE HELL EDWARD IS? is he a guy or girl? been bothering me for years now lol
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@Cubicle: Edward is a girl, it's mention that in the series.
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@jerrkat said:
" @Cubicle: Edward is a girl, it's mention that in the series. "
Yeah her actual name (at risk of butchering the spelling) is Edwina
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I own all 6 DVDs of Cowboy Bebop and it never gets old. Ever. Faye's love troubles in ep #15 make her more human than one would've thought. No wonder she has abandonment issues: Ever since she got thawed out, she's been repeatedly duped.
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