Up to This Point: A Sequel Will Never Be a Thing?

Topic started by Kou_Leifoh on Sept. 9, 2011. Last post by Kou_Leifoh 3 years, 5 months ago.
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It's pretty much been ten years since Cowboy Bebop's US debut in 2001 (It debuted in 1997 in Japan). A film adaptation came out afterwords, but it's not a continuation of the series, just a film that takes place sometime in between the TV show. The creator made Samurai Champloo after Cowboy Bebop, that was like six years ago, I don't know what he was doing after, supposedly he was just producing. 
After ten years after the series was created, I do want to see a continuation of the series. I want to see if the relationship between Spike and Faye will evolve into what was hinted in the TV show.
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I never saw it that way when he fell to the floor. It can easily be written that Spike survived, so the series can be continued. Which I don't mind.
As for that star that faded away, a lot of people died on that episode.
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with how the series ended, I would really be against a sequel. 
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Sequels aren't always such a good thing.  There is the possibility of a reboot, however I'm not sure how popular the title still is in Japan.  This list from 2006 of the Top-100 All-Time from Japan placed the show at #40 and this was before K-On! came along and became an obsessive/compulsive disorder.  There's a lot of franchises I'd like to see more from, but I accept that it's more likely we'll get new shows rather than updated old ones.  Of course, there are exceptions.  Next month, Lupin III from the early 80's is coming back and eleven years passed between season 3 and season 4 of The Slayers, so where there is hope...
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There have been some terrible continuations like the episodes of Tenchi Muyo OVA that debut from early 2000's. I doubt the creator of the series will do just a bad job with Cowboy Bebop. 
The problem with sequels, is the the makers tends to forget certain aspects of what made the original so great, or not bring anything new to the table. There have been some cases were the sequel that's completely different from the original, but what it presents is so awesome. Prime example: Army of Darkness. 
I don't know how people will feel about having Spike survive the attack in the last episode, in order  to continue the series. As long as they can make something good from it, I'll be fine with that. 
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