Watch & Learn: Cowboy Bebop #6

Topic started by No_name_here on Sept. 7, 2010. Last post by Rexic 4 years, 1 month ago.
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 Just picture the Maxim interview, with the emboldened quote "Yeah, I love to eat dog food."
 Just picture the Maxim interview, with the emboldened quote "Yeah, I love to eat dog food."

“You might say I’ve been a fan of the blues since I was in my daddy’s sack, if you know what I mean.”

Yes, Fatty. I know you’re referring to your father’s scrotum. Gross.

Maybe it’s a translation issue, but that conversation he and Jet have had to be some of the most awkwardly-phrase “tough talk” I’ve ever encountered. When I hear exchanges like that, I can’t help but picture the voice actors struggling to keep a straight face in the recording booth. You can write this “stuff” but you can’t say it… as the sentiment goes.

I was going to comment on the villain in this episode reminding me of the cute lil’ gangster Hobb in ROBOCOP 2, but  the creepily-precious kid is really a genre onto itself, isn’t it? It seems like there’s a new “evil child” movie every year. Hell, it seemed like every J-horror movie that Hollywood was remaking for that spell had to feature a youngin’ who knew “more than he should know.” I’ve never seen this kind of bad guy get taken down with head shot and a rapid-aging bullet. That, friends, is a first.  

You know, in an odd way, Faye eating the dog chow’s actually endeared her a bit more to me. She might’ve just been a vamp before - - and I still don’t trust her - - but eating pet food gives her a new kind of… vulnerability.  Maybe her heart’s been broken in the past, maybe she’s got a family tragedy in her history… she doesn’t really need to, now. Only crazies and hobos eat dog chow, so there’s definitely something seriously wrong with this broad. And, for once, it’s not the kind of crazy that people find sexy. It's along the lines of, say, waxing rhapsodic about your Dad's nutsack.

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Yeah, Faye got baggage.  Consider what the stories about "Poker Alice" that we've heard might mean.  The next episode is fun, but after that I'd say you really start getting into the meat of this show.  Also, I'd love to hear you comment more on the music--it's what keeps me coming back!
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its been so long since i saw bepop i cant remember what this episode is about. i remember faye eating the dog chow though, that was pretty funny.

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You gotta admit, the harmonica music in this episode is pretty cool.  I'm actually surprised at how little it's mentioned in your reactions to each episode.
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On another note, I can understand the dialogue on that part to an extent.  As strange as it sounded, it still had kinda a blues man vibe to it.  Not that I'd expect them to really say that in real life either, but I've been wrong before.  What I really hate about that scene though?  Wtf is up with the animation where they're slapping each other's arms?
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See, I thought the dialog was great there.  The entire point of it was for Jet to make a big enough scene that Fatty couldn't go after the bounty to let Spike sneak around to get him and Fatty responded in kind to keep it from looking like he was there for a bounty.  It supposed to be loud, big, obnoxious and over the top.  It also why there was such large movements.
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Man this show is so awesome, really need to re-watch it!
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Fantastic show, and I dig Sympathy for the Devel in particular.  Agreed about Faye eating the dogfood.  Even though she is holding it over Ein's head, it really is the earliest example of her much needed character development
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Faye is great. She is beautiful 
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I really enjoyed the "reveal" of her backstory episode.
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If it wasn't for Faye, I don't think the show would've worked all that well. She is a great character and it was good to see they used her well in the movie.
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Faye is easily my least favorite character in this show
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Cowboy Beebop is one of the best animes around.
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Eating pet food is not a vulnerability. It's a strength. ;)
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Reading this again, I'm remembering that I thought the Fatty/Jet dialogue was supposed to be awkward--Jet was trying to keep Fatty occupied and to do this forced himself to make small talk.  About scrotums, apparently.
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I am either a cold hearted bastard or a good anime fan,but when he said help him,I didnt think for a second that he meant the kid.I knew it was the guy in the wheelchair.
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