Watch & Learn: COWBOY BEBOP #26

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Honestly looking back I enjoyed Cowboy Bebops ending because it DIDN'T resolve anything.  Seriously I don't need stories to tie everything up for me in a nice little bow.  I want SOME resolution, and we get that with Spike dieing but I don't need every little thing spelled out for me.   
Sure some of those "end credit short scenes" kind of endings are nice, but it doesn't fit the mood of Bebop.  A dark, bluesy ending fits well.   
Sometimes all you need is an end.  
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Hm, I LOVE the final episode of Cowboy Bebop.  I think it's what really holds the series together.  Sad that Tom just sounds kinda frustrated with it. 
Seems like no one else caught this: Lin actually is in one of the other episodes, Jupiter Jazz. He dies to save Vicious, and some of his backstory is included.  Yay continuity. 
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It's all a dream anyway...
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The alternate version of The Real Folk Blues takes Spike storming the building from awesome to truly amazing.
I never did get why the building blows up like it does when Spike gets to the top floor though....
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