Watch & Learn: COWBOY BEBOP #21

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  Awwww... the made a cute couple.
 Awwww... the made a cute couple.

Action feng shui?! Now I’ve seen it all.

My Mom got a little obsessed with feng shui  when we were living in Asia. I understood little about it beyond the basics of it being school of thinking regarding home decorating and architecture. All I remember was that it advocated putting fountains and sideways stairs everywhere so as to redirect and confuse potentially harmful energy. Also, you aren't supposed to put a house on a corner (and, really, you don't need to be an expert to know that doing that is just begging for your place to get run into by a car.)   This is the first I’ve heard about how chi related to it, though. Heh... I always knew it was good for something more than just powering hadokens.

It’s really too bad that this Mei-Fa girl’s leaving so soon instead of joining the Bebop's crew. Her feistiness is so cute and they just barely touched the surface of what a good foil she could be for Jet. Maybe it’d be a little creepy (although possibly less creepy if you say he went bald young?) but, c'mon, this is the future. I'm sure it's the least weirdest thing for people to accept. Hell, you could technically say that any relationship Faye has would be icky because of her cryo-sleep. Though, her comment about how the nobler the man is when he’s young, the more likely he is to fall for a young girl, is an interesting observation. I don't I've ever heard that bit of wisdom anywhere else... and, the more I think about it, the truer it sounds.

But yeah, too bad this was a told-in-one. I feel like there's more they could've done with it and they seem to just rush to a conclusion with Mei-Fa's Dad.  Have any of you noticed that they seem to go for space dogfights to wrap this things up whenever they're running out of time?

By the way - - what do you think? Does Jet just snap that one goon’s neck or does he just konk him out with the sleeperhold?  It's a slight difference with big ramifications.

And what's up with gypsies being so fashionable in this future? Faye pretends to be one, Mei-Fa's got a gypsy head scarf on. Dare I call it... gypsy chic?

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For whatever it's worth, I think this is most people's least favorite episode, but you seem to have enjoyed it quite a bit.
As for the creep factor, i'm pretty sure Jet is pushing 40 (or whatever the equivalent of "pushing 40" is in the future, keeping in mind he's had a stressful job for years).
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He's "anime old" so who knows, he could be all of 29.
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I thought I remembered hearing a cracking sound when he choked that guy.  Either way I thought that he did break the guy's neck, I remember being surprised that he just offed a guy like that.
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@WarlordPayne said:
" I thought I remembered hearing a cracking sound when he choked that guy.  Either way I thought that he did break the guy's neck, I remember being surprised that he just offed a guy like that. "
Yeah same with me. I just watched that episode and I was kinda surprised he broke his neck. I heard a crack too.
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 Well, since I haven't commented on a single Cowboy Bebop Watch & Learn yet I'll start with this one as I stopped watching at ep 20 a while back. I say Jet broke the guy's neck, too. You got the crack and it looked like the dude's neck was compressed. 

I knew of feng shui being about architecture and decorating as well so this was different. I can understand it being more about chi and such but I think it was overdeveloped for the sake of the episode. I've always felt Jet was 30-40 and Spike in his mid-20s. Speaking of, did anyone catch that when Ed was leaning backwards over the chair that she wasn't flat-chested? For some reason I peg her as the series' geeky loli due to her odd manner and lack of clothing. Faye is just sexy even if she is like "old". She did drop some interesting knowledge though.

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God i hated this episode.
It's so boring.
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I enjoyed every episode of bebop, I should revisit this series sometime soon. Have to find where the rest of the dvd's for my boxed set are. 
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