Watch & Learn: COWBOY BEBOP #16

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 Look at him. He's like a coiled king cobra, just waiting to strike.
 Look at him. He's like a coiled king cobra, just waiting to strike.

The brawl between Jet and Udai in this episode had to be the meanest, nastiest fight I’ve seen in anything lately. I love it. It’s genuinely hard to make a villain who’s this stone cold menacing, so I seriously glommed to his no B.S. attitude - - even if he is a rat bastard. Seriously, who else was hooting over that part where the one jackass convict’s saying “Who’s going to step up?” and Udai just calmly steps up and ends him? It’s a real shame that he ends up getting taken out in this episode (and in synch with the gunshot punctuating the flashback! Virtuoso!) because I think he’d make a much better recurring bad guy than Vicious.

Seriously, I close my eyes and all I can remember about Vicious is that goofy silver hair. This guy? He’s got that steely glare, he’s got the slight-of-hand punch dagger, he’s got little patience to suffer fools… he’s memorable.

Seeing as this episode’s about one of Jet’s skeletons getting dragged out of the closet (and shattered to dust? How do yo resolves skeletons in the closet?) it’s worth discussing the guy’s character. I’ve commented in the past that his voice reminds me of a sitcom Dad (more Carl Winslow than Leo Huxtable) and the name really fits because he’s probably the most mellow intergalactic bounty hunter I’ve encountered in fiction. I don’t know if “lack of imagination” is the proper term for him, but it’s notable that he gets payback on the man who stole his arm and it really isn’t something he’s necessarily obsessed over. He’s a world away from, say, L or Kira, who’d spend every waking moment plotting ways to settle the score.   

Even when he was getting to put his ex and her boyfriend in their place (and, really, that's the most vindicative of situations,) he really didn't relish the opportunity. He'll still go through it, sure. He'll take it seriously when it's on his lap, but it's very "out of sight, out of mind" with him. Anybody agree with me?

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Yup and why I liked him..and yes this episode rocked.  One of the few I remembered before I rewatched it.  This guy made Shaft look like a pussy...
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Jet was my favorite character in the show, and this episode just further cemented that position.  He's even got the best enemy out of the crew.
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@zaldar: I don't think Shaft will dig that.
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@make_me_mad: Worst enemy of the show? Male pattern baldness?
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Male pattern baldness allows Jet to wear hats like a badass, and is, if anything, his greatest ally.
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Great episode. But my favourite thing about this show is the character interaction between Jet and Spike.
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This is probably my favorite episode of the entire series. It's so fuckin' good.
I love Jet. He's very even-keel, like you said, but that's pretty rare in fiction, and extremely rare in anime. He'll deal with his bullshit, but when he's not dealing with it, it's not bothering him every waking moment of every day. He gets over it, he moves on, and then when an opportunity to go back and get shit done appears, he considers it carefully before he accepts it.
God this episode is so great.
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The writers on this show have a knack for making every character contribute something to the story instead of being the archetypal and stale. Hopefully we get a show as good as this one soon. I'll take half as good.  
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this was a good episode.
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