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I'm not completely happy about the way Bebop ends, I guess I can go into that more if it's OK with people, but a creator should be able to end their work when they want to and with the finality they like.  In a collaborative effort that makes even more sense even though all the workers will have to find other places to go, because having this understanding between creator and crew makes it so people plan ahead, instead of charging forward until the franchise stops making making money or runs out of steam creatively.

It's good for a lot of the reasons people are saying, that it's nice and compartmentalized so people can get into it (I love Bebop but I don't know I would have ever thought about buying it or trying to catch up with it if it had been tons of eps), and that it allows each episode to matter with a minimum of filler.

I think your desire (and mine) to see more Cowboy Bebop is just a testament to the quality of the series.  Short or long, it's about maintaining the energy, detail, and spirit of the story. 
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Well Spike's dead.
  And I'm a tad sick of un-ending anime, so I'm kind of glad to have a good solid end to the series.
We touched on how all the characters have changed and where they are at the end (i.e. in a big pile of misery).

I think Cowboy Bebop's ending is part of its greatness.
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Someone asked about budgets...budget can be a factor, although in a really popular show, less of one. I mean, when a company sets up to do a Naruto or a Bleach or something interminably long, they know about it in advance and start making it. Obviously it'll have a bigger overall budget than a 13-episode show-- but it's worth noting that usually the amount they have per episode is smaller. This means that a longer series has to have some pretty definite attraction for people to want to fund it, because it'll have to overcome quality issues.

Although the show Shugo Chara! overcame some of this by just having a longer lead time for episode creation, such that there was so much more time to get stuff done that they could do a lot more frames for it or something along those lines.

Just a couple of thoughts. I'm still generally in favor of writing a story with an ending, and that ending making sense for the story.
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Sigue said:
"26 episodes is far from short. This is the standard length of a season, and sequels aren't nearly as common as they are for American franchises. Even 13 episode shows aren't unheard of. In all honesty, most shows that go over one season have trouble maintaining whatever made it popular in the first place. There are exceptions, of course, but the longest running shows, while wildly popular, can hardly be considered good. I'm happier with a good 26 than with 300 episodes of crap."
Compared to the main anime and manga that pulse through media and make it through to be main stream? Yeah it is. Even FMA had 51 episodes, and while I understand enjoying the efficiency of the episodes with the plot, Im still somewhat disappointed in how short of a series it was, while it really could have been something a lot bigger

It isn't all too far from short when you compare it to series like Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Monster, FullMetal Alchemist, Bleach, Shaman King, Yu-Gi-Oh, Inuyasha, Zoids, and the like. This was definitely their caliber and should have made a longer run than it did =[
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If you think Cowboy bebop is short you should check out FLCL. At only 6 episodes, you could get through them faster than Lord of the Rings: Return of The King.
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There should be WAY more then just 26. It's (in my opinion) the best anime ever.
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Just think, we may have a Keanu Reeves interpretation to look forward to...
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May or may not...
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