Covering the Famous Host Club

Covering the Famous Host Club is an anime episode of Ouran High School Host Club that was released on 07/06/2006
Tamaki tackles Haruhi to prevent her from being hit with a fly ball, and the twins pretend to be unimpressed, saying he should have caught the ball. To prove himself, Tamaki tries to perform a spectacular kick, but winds up breaking the window of the Newspaper Club's room, and smacking the Newspaper Club president in the head.

To make up for it, Tamaki agrees to let the Newspaper Club-- which is on the brink of extinction; the newspaper is merely a gossip rag and no one reads it --follow around the Host Club and report on what a day in the club's life is like. Later, the Newspaper Club president tells his clubmates that he wants to do an expose, hoping that the Host Club is a waste of school funds that he can attribute to Tamaki's connections to the school administration.

Unfortunately, he's disappointed when the club decides to play tag and other "commoner" games for the day. Later, during a game of hide and seek, Haruhi learns about Tamaki's aforementioned connections: his father is the school headmaster.

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