Could it be...

Could it be... is an anime episode of Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho that was released on 09/12/2007

Plot Summary

Could It Be...
RomajiMasaka no...
September 12, 2007
MangaCh. 44, 47-49 (Vol. 4)
Theme Music
Opening"DOLPHIN☆JET (Dolphin Jet)" by Ayane, lyrics and composition by Chiyomaru Shikura, arrangement by Kōji Ueno
Ending"Splash BLUE~太陽とレモネード~ (Splash Blue: Taiyou to Lemonade)" by Ayumi Murata, lyrics and composition by Urara Takai, arrangement by Kōji Ueno

It is a week before the Kantou tournament and Momoko is not satisfied with her times, thinking they are not good enough to beat Karena. As she wonders about a training method to improve her swimming in just a week, Ikamasa arrives, claiming having a solution. On a card he has written four plans: stop time, travel back in time, use doping or use a secret weapon. When Kaname and Momoko wonder about the secret weapon, Ikamasa shows what he calls the MORO 1, a special training suit he developed with Moroboshi Sports (his favorite sporting goods store) and after explaining the features of the suit, he gives them a little demonstration. As Ikamasa gets pulled out of the pool after electrocuting himself by jumping into it, Kaname recalls a training method using rubber bands tied around the waist and to the pool’s side. Willing to try this, Momoko tells Ikamasa to get some cheap rubber bands.

After he returns with some, he claims cheap, rubber bands, which look used to Sanae. After Momoko made sure everyone tied a rubber band around their waist and fixed the other end of it to the side of the pool, she tells everyone to do three laps and starts swimming. Getting the feeling this training method is working, she stops after some distance when the rubber band seems to have stretched to its limit. Spotting Amuro in the next lane trying to move further, she advises her to stop trying. Instead, Amuro tires herself out and is catapulted back towards the side of the pool she started from. Seeing this, Kaname manages to push Takeda into the pool to serve as a cushion just before Amuro would have crashed into the pool’s side. The unhurt Amuro says it surprised her and Momoko is glad Takeda is the only victim. Now everyone has seen how to (not) use the rubber bands, Momoko tells them to do ten laps. After training, with everyone tired, Momoko thanks Ikamasa for getting those cheap rubber bands. Maaya asks Kaname if he is willing to do anything for her if she wins at the Kantou tournament, claiming such a promise would help her perform better. Sanae, liking the idea, says such a promise will help her as well and claims Kaname should help any way he can, since managers have it easy. Kaname complains being a manager is much tougher than they think, but when even Momoko agrees with Sanae, he agrees to Maaya’s and Sanae’s suggestion. Maaya is of course angry everyone got involved, claiming him exclusively for herself. Approaching the bicycles, they see some girls, including Kaori and Yamana, having a problem with their bicycles. Getting closer, Momoko notices someone removed all of the bicycles’ inner tires. As the girls angrily wonder who did this, Ikamasa comments that at least the training was productive. Realizing he is the culprit, Momoko and the other girls beat him up.

The night before the Kantou tournament a bus driven by Masashi drops off the Umishou team at Shikishima Inn, near the Kantou tournament’s venue. Of course, everyone wants to do things like having pillow fights, telling scary stories and shaving each other in the baths, but Momoko reminds them they are not on a random school trip. Later on, the girls are in an open air bath and as Momoko reminds Sanae they are there to beat Shinomiya and qualify for Inter-high, Amuro notices Mirei has not joined them. Mirei turns out to be still undressing in the changing room, too embarrassed to do so with the others there; she is joining them in the bath only for not damaging the team spirit. Suddenly she hears people approaching, who turn out to be Karena and the others from Shinomiya. As Mirei worries about getting recognized (or watched too closely in her underwear), Tomoko notices the Umishou uniforms in the changing room. Realizing they share the inn, Karena expresses her dislike for Momoko, Amuro and even Mirei, because she has bigger breasts than herself. Mirei gets more and more nervous and when Tomoko bumps into her she panics and runs out of the changing room, screaming. Just when she, only wearing her underwear and holding her other clothes, exits the changing room, the Umishou boys walk past. Shocked, she turns around and runs back into the changing room.

Meanwhile, the Umishou girls are about to leave the bath, but they are stopped by Karena’s and the rest of Shinomiya’s arrival. Karena suggests having their own preliminary battle right there, but Momoko rejects and tells the others to follow her back to the changing room. Karena, not taking no for an answer, threatens to shave her hostage’s nether regions as Tomoko, Ran and Miyuki show a captured, naked Mirei and an electric razor. Momoko, realizing she does not have a choice, accepts the challenge. Meanwhile in the men’s bath Kaname comments the women’s bath is getting noisy. Takeda thinks that, based on their encounter with Mirei, something outrageous must be happening in the women’s bath and starts searching for a hole in the fence between both baths. Kaname retorts Takeda just wants to peep.

In the women’s bath Karena and Momoko try to come up with a contest. Since both sides’ numbers are not equal and the bath is too shallow, any swimming competition, like a relay, is impossible. Karena suggests the only possible contest is an endurance test: the team with all of its members out of the bath first will lose. Sanae decides to give up right after the start, as Mirei watches from a quiet part of the bath, worried about getting seen naked by the others. Karena then remembers to mention the penalty for the losing team: its members have to shave their nether regions in front of the winners. On the other side of the fence Takeda hears several girls discuss this and tells the other boys that the girls are going to shave each other, causing Ikamasa to get excited. As Chigusa and Keiko notice the increasing noise from the men’s bath, more people drop out. After Ran drops out, Karena asks Tomoko and Miyuki if they can go on. When both tell her they can, Karena decides to drop out as well, telling Momoko she will learn from Shinomiya’s teamwork. After Maaya, Chigusa and Keiko decide to drop out, the fence collapses under the weight of Takeda and Ikamasa, causing panic amongst Momoko and most other girls, who jump up and throw buckets at the boys. Karena comments that since they stood up, they are all disqualified and to her shock Momoko sees Tomoko still sitting in the bath. Karena claims the victory for Shinomiya, but when Momoko is about to accept Umishou’s loss, Makio tells Mirei is missing. Starting to look for her, Maaya finds her floating in a quiet corner. As Maaya and Akira pull Mirei (still mumbling she does not want to be seen) out of the water, Makio claims the victory for Umishou and Karena, accepting her defeat, promises Shinomiya will take the punishment.

The next day, on the first day of the Kantou tournament, Amuro puts on a terrible performance in her 50 m freestyle race, finishing last. Kaname comments that obviously the previous evening’s endurance test is to blame and Momoko grumbles that that is the reason she did not want to participate. Karena calls Umishou weak, saying Momoko must be glad she does not have a race that day, all the time supported by Miyuki and Tomoko. Momoko retorts that in her state, Karena must be the one being glad. Meanwhile, Keiko’s race ends disastrous as well and Kaname starts worrying about Maaya, whose 100 m backstroke race is later that day. Maaya claims the previous evening’s effects will not hinder her and reminds Kaname of his promise. But despite her optimism she finishes 7.

That evening an angry Momoko asks who will have a race the next day. Mirei and Sanae put up their hands and Kaname reminds her that the medley relay is the next day as well. Momoko tells them they will have to win the medley relay to get back at Shinomiya. After Makio explains the order of the relay (1: Maaya – backstroke, 2: Sanae – breaststroke, 3: Mirei – butterfly, 4: Momoko – freestyle), Momoko asks Maaya if she has been paying attention. Maaya, staring into infinity, is still shocked by her loss earlier that day. When Momoko tells her she has to get over it, Maaya explodes and tells her they, who are used to losing all the time, cannot understand her, who is used to winning all the time and without waiting for a reaction, she runs away. Kaname decides to run after her, followed by Ikamasa and Takeda. After they left, Momoko tells the others to get some sleep and be fit for the next day.

As the three boys search for Maaya, she is sitting on the bank of a nearby river, sobbing. After some time Kaname spots her, but just when he is about to approach her, someone else does. It turns out to be Mirei, who, being unable to sleep is taking a walk and runs into Maaya. When Mirei explains it was an accident and will return soon, because of her race the next day, Maaya tells her she will probably lose again. Mirei, sort of smiling, tells her she is probably right, which enrages Maaya, asking her if she is making fun of her, if losing again does not leave her unsatisfied. Grabbing Mirei’s breasts, she completely loses it calling Mirei an idiot over and over until she starts crying again. Mirei hugs her and tells her that losing leaves her unsatisfied as well, but also makes her want to improve and it is not the end of the world. Maaya, calmed down now, thanks Mirei and they promise to do their best in the medley relay. By now Ikamasa and Takeda have joined Kaname and comment on what they just witnessed. Hearing them and realizing they have been watching causes Maaya to punch Ikamasa and Takeda.

Points of Interest

  • The eyecatch does not appear to be based on a frame from the manga.
  • Momoko mentions that the Umishou team managed to qualify for the medley relay at the prefectural tournament. This event was not covered neither in the anime episodes, nor in the manga chapters about this tournament.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • In the anime, the display on the MORO 1’s belt shows A.D.2007, the year the episode aired for the first time. In the manga it shows A.D.2006, the year the manga volume containing this story was released.
  • In the anime Momoko and the other girls beat up Ikamasa after realizing he vandalized their bikes. In the manga Momoko decides to have him play a horse and rides home on his back.
  • The scene of Maaya (and later on the others too) wanting Kaname to promise to do anything for her if she wins is anime-exclusive.
  • Since the anime skipped the chapter of the team travelling to the Kantou tournament, references to this journey present in the manga chapter recounting their arrival at the inn are not present in the anime.
  • In the anime, at the time the fence collapses Ikamasa and Takeda are just leaning against it for some time (Ikamasa was banging on it earlier, but he calmed down). In the manga it collapses after they loose control and start banging harder on it after hearing a comment from Keiko.
  • In the manga Ran congratulates Tomoko after thinking she won the endurance test. In the anime the Shinomiya girls just cheer.
  • In the manga Keiko finds Mirei, but in the anime Maaya finds her.
  • The manga shows what events Umishou participates on at the Kantou tournament and on which days these take place. When Mirei and Sanae say they have events on the second day, their events are shown in text boxes as well. In the anime this information is absent.
  • In the anime Makio explains the order of the medley relay, in the manga this information is just given in a textbox.
  • In the anime, just before Mirei finds Maaya, Kaname finds her, but he does not approach her when hearing someone else approach. In the manga it is unclear when Kaname finds Maaya, he is there together with Ikamasa and Takeda after Mirei comforted Maaya.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Mitsuru Hattori Original Concept Mitsuru Hattori is the artist and writer of the Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho manga series.


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