Cotton Drifting Chapter, Part Two - Takano

Cotton Drifting Chapter, Part Two - Takano is an anime episode of When They Cry - Higurashi that was released on 05/09/2006
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Keiichi learns about the curse of Oyashiro. During Rika's ritual performance at the Watanagashi festival, Shion whisks Keiichi away to sneak to the ritual tool shed of Oyashiro. Shion and Keiichi promise not to tell anyone they entered the shrine.
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Plot Summary

Cotton Drifting Chapter, Part Two - Takano
Kanji綿流し編 其の弐 タカノ
RomajiWatanagashi-hen sono ni - Takano
Air Dates
May 9, 2006
MangaCh. 5 (Vol. 3) - Ch. 7 (Vol. 4)
Embarrassed Mion is Moe
Embarrassed Mion is Moe

On the day before cotton-drifting festival, Shion, Tomitake and Takano discuss with Keiichi about the village curse that revolves around a dam construction project. Takano believes the curse to be of human actions, not of supernatural causes.

On the festival day itself, Shion brings Keiichi to the Furude shrine, where Tomitake and Takano are trying to sneak inside. Takano reveals the true and gruesome nature behind the festival that involves the torture tools in the shrine that were used in the past. Furthermore, she believes that even in the present, the tools are still being used...

Shion Reveals the Two Deaths
Shion Reveals the Two Deaths

The next day, Mion and Ooishi both question Keiichi about the sightings of Tomitake, Takano, and Shion on the festival night. Keiichi becomes worried. Later that night, Shion informs Keiichi that Tomitake and Takano were pronounced dead. Shion worries that she and Keiichi might be the next victims...

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"What's shaking is your heart. What brings it closer is the shadow of darkness. Who's shivering is the fake me. When They Cry: Cotton Drifting Chapter, Part Three - Lies. Can you believe it?"

Points of Interest

  • The cicadas begin shrilling appropriately when Shion makes the 'ominous comment.'
  • Your second chance to recap on the three group of victims involved with Oyashiro's curse. Keiichi even goes to the extent of telling you that one of them is Rika's father.
  • Notice how intimate Tomitake is with Takano. This is also present in the first story arc.
  • First appearance of the Oyashiro statue (or rather, statuette).
  • Shion is not joking when she mentions the loud slamming sound. The manga counterpart is more accurate in depicting Shion's true expression.
  • Along with the other seeming presences of Oyashiro in the first arc, do take note of Shion's mentioning of the loud noise. Compare it later with the truth revealed in the second season.

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