Cotton Drifting Chapter, Part Three - Lies

Cotton Drifting Chapter, Part Three - Lies is an anime episode of When They Cry - Higurashi that was released on 05/16/2006
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Rika shows knowledge of Keiichi's actions on the night of the festival. That night, Keiichi learns that the village leader has gone missing. Shion tells Keiichi that she confessed to the village leader about what they did. Shion thinks it's her fault that Oyashiro's Curse got him because he had promised to help them. Keiichi believes Rika is also in danger.
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Plot Summary

Cotton Drifting Chapter, Part Three - Lies
Kanji綿流し編 其ノ参 嘘
RomajiWatanagashi-hen sono san - Uso
Air Dates
May 16, 2006
MangaCh. 8-10 (Vol. 4)
"Nyan nyan."
"Nyan nyan."

The village leader, Kimiyoshi Kiichirou, has gone missing. When Rika asks Keiichi if he had performed any misdeeds on festival night, he makes a metaphorical confession that he did. Rika replies in the same manner that she will protect him nonetheless. However, when Shion tells Keiichi over the phone at night that she might be responsible for Kimiyoshi's death because of her confession, Keiichi fears that the same fate might befall Rika.

Rage Face Fail
Rage Face Fail

While Rena, Mion, and Keiichi are checking up on Rika's safety, Mion has an episode of mental breakdown when Rena steps away. Keiichi becomes weary of Mion's darker side. The night concludes with both Rika and Satoko being missing.

Keiichi Grows Suspicious
Keiichi Grows Suspicious

In the next morning, Rena speculates on Rika and Satoko's disappearance, while Ooishi informs Keiichi about Kimiyoshi's activities before his disappearance. This contradicts with Shion's story of having confessed to Kimiyoshi, however. Furthermore, Ooishi also claims that Shion has gone missing, and yet, Keiichi receives a call from 'Shion' later that night. Keiichi becomes convinced that this 'Shion' has been lying to him. He tries to confront her about it, but she merely laughs maniacally in reply before hanging up...

Next Episode Preview

Full-Fletch Psycho Mode On
Full-Fletch Psycho Mode On

"A regret you cannot end. A story that will never apologize. What is engraved there is the other me. When They Cry: Cotton Drifting Chapter, Part Four - Wish. Can you believe it?"

Points of Interest

  • First appearance of Rika's Nyan-Nyan Dance.
  • First appearance of Mion's distorted rage face.
  • Rena displays her detective sleuth skills.
  • Rena's behavior here in this episode pretty much discredits portrayals of her in other arcs as a complete psychopath.
  • Recall the first scene that began this story arc.
  • This question arc is actually quite lighthearted when compared to what the truth actually is in the answer arc...
  • Do a little calculation on when in this question arc's timeline did Shion begin 'lying' before you watch the answer arc.
  • A spoiler-clue to help you figure out the truth: Look at the characters listed below. Notice who is missing.

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