Cotton Drifting Chapter, Part One - Jealousy

Cotton Drifting Chapter, Part One - Jealousy is an anime episode of When They Cry - Higurashi that was released on 05/02/2006
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Keiichi discovers Mion has an identical twin sister named Shion. Keiichi also discovers that Mion has a crush on him, and so does Shion.
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Plot Summary

Cotton Drifting Chapter, Part One - Jealousy
Kanji綿流し編 其ノ壱 嫉妬
RomajiWatanagashi-hen sono ichi – Shitto
Air Dates
May 2, 2006
MangaCh. 1-4 (Vol. 3)

We start the arc with yet another shock footage - Rika stabbing her neck with a knife...

Morning comes and everything appears to be normal. The game club partakes in a tournament held at a toy store in town. Everyone is doing well except Keiichi, but after some lecturing by Mion, he ups the game by bribing two of his classmates into helping him win.

Bad Move...
Bad Move...

In the end, it comes down to between Mion and Keiichi, but Mion temporarily postpones the game due to a part-time job she has. Keiichi gets upset about this, so the shopkeeper consoles him by giving him a prize for getting so far - a doll with blond hair. Rena thinks it's cute, so Keiichi decides to give it to her.

Afterwards, Keiichi visits Angel Mort, but finds Mion working there as a maid waitress. When confronted in a sleazy manner, 'Mion' informs Keiichi that she is actually Shion, Mion's twin sister. Keiichi does not completely buy it, however, but accepts her reasoning for now.

After school the next day, Shion pays a visit to Keiichi and offers a bento dinner as a gift. When Rena talks about Mion's existing feminine side on the following day, Keiichi thinks back to 'Shion's' gift, and agrees that she might be right.

A wild Shion appears!
A wild Shion appears!

Later that evening, Keiichi pays a visit to Angel Mort to return 'Shion's' bento box, but accidentally knocks down a series of three motorcycles. The owners of the motorbikes, members of a bousouzoku gang, are about to give Keiichi a beating when Shion appears to defend him. Just as the gang members turn their attention on her, the vicinity is quickly surrounded by angry villagers of various ages - all of whom give an ominous stare. Seeing the turn of events, the gang quickly escape on their bikes and the villagers return to being friendly and smiling citizens.

While thanking Shion for her timely rescue, Keiichi tells her that he accepts her adorable side and that she could stop pretending to have a twin. As he was saying this, Mion exits the store she works in and steps before the two, proving to Keiichi that the twin sister story is not a lie.

Mion Turns into Mio
Mion Turns into Mio

However, this causes much awkwardness between Keiichi and Mion in school the next day. During one of Mion's many bathroom trips throughout the day, Rena asks Keiichi to forget about the incident at Angel Mort. She further asks if Keiichi have finally see the cute side to Mion's personality. Keiichi agrees.

Next Episode Preview

Important Plot Point, Coming Up
Important Plot Point, Coming Up

"What I want to see is the shape in the dark. What I want to hear are the hesitating footfalls. What I want to know is where I really belong. When They Cry: Cotton Drifting Chapter, Part Two - Takano. Can you believe it?"

Points of Interest

  • The card battle adds yet more variety to this series - the only show to have psychological horror mixed in with moe and card battles.
  • Note the scene where Keiichi gives the doll to Rena. This is the trigger that will set forth all events in this arc.
  • Second appearance of Angel Mort.
  • Keiichi becomes Hentai-Kei in this episode.
  • In the manga, Shion actually calls Keiichi 'Kei-chan' even before she asks for his permission to do so. The anime version is more accurate in portraying the proper naming ethics.
  • The second time Keiichi becomes home alone in the series. What wonderful parents...
  • Rika's role as shrine maiden is revealed and explained further.
  • Rena gets a lot of points here in this story arc for showing her more innocent and intelligent side. She is also portrayed as a lot more innocent than her more sinister appearance in the manga...
  • Shion is not as innocent as she seems...
  • Even the kids show up to fend Shion.
  • The bell-ringer stops appearing on screen.
  • Aside from the villagers, this is actually one of the few episodes to not have anything sinister going one.

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