Where to Find These Types of Stockings?

Topic started by veevee on Nov. 7, 2009. Last post by cfatalis 5 years, 3 months ago.
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 Hi hi everyone, I am new here :)

I was wondering where I'd get these stockings from.  I've searched all over the net and the closet thing I can find are something called Toe Toe OTK Toe Socks...and I don't want toe socks lol.    http://www.sockdreams.com/_shop/pages/socks_detail_ProductID_1433.php

It's my first time cosplaying and posting so I hope I have the right section :P I am planning on being either kasumi (lol yes I know generic :P), a maid (lol cliche?), or a japanese school girl (haha).  It's my first time as I mentioned so I didn't want to do anything too over the top and like school has been swamping me so yea :(

here are links to the stockings I was mentioning.  Hopefully someone knows where to buy the EXACT same ones (hopefully the place will have a variety of colours hehe), cause I really love the look, material, and shine on them :P And they're so anime like lol <3

hopefully someone knows :(

Thanks in advance!!!! :)
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shhhhh... keep this a secret.  I'm not supposed to be a fashion expert. 
but if you're going to hand me an excuse to do a web search on thigh-high stockings... 
I couldn't find an exact match, especially for the glossy, opaque white in your pics above (might be custom; cut down from a full set of hose?) but did find two: 
- as noted might just be OTK on longer or 'luscious' legs, but the product description lists the length (24in. toe to cuff) so you could find a cloth tape and measure before buying.   
lots of available colors (51 total) so should fit the bill for a lot of possible costumes.   
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heyyyy thanks lol i actually came across the one in your first link haha...I bookmarked it in case it was similar...though they aren't the same :( Since the one in the reference pics has a seam on the side....lol darn Japanese making it so hard to find their stuff!!! lol I wish I could read Japanese lol sigh...guess I'll have to do more digging.
Thanks for the help though :) You've given me some alternatives and omg lol that's a LOT of colours haha
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