Vice in Paradise: Half-Assed Cosplay Edition

Topic started by gia on March 4, 2009. Last post by Raiku 5 years, 10 months ago.
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LOL Love the vid
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Here here!HeeroYuy said:
"I don't care so long as it's not another generic Bleach captain or random naruto headband...

Personally I figure if I'm going to cosplay at all I'm going to try to make it so spectacular it'll blow everyone else's out of the water. I just figure it's not worth it if it looks like everyone else... *cough* Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts *cough*
Here, here! Final Fantasy is a goldmine for cosplayers, however no one ever wants to do anything other than FF7 or KH Final Fantasy related.
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Ooooooooooohhhh Gia, we love you.

i saw a guy named DJ  Kechup put on a "sound" headband when he was really ready to pump it up....

i would've been silently judging him if i wasn't too busy thinking how baddassed it was
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LMAO! best video ever! xD
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It came off a little as 'serious business', buuut that's probably because the cosplayers down here (in Flori-duh) are super aggro for the most part.  I shall continue my easyish (ie, no building crap) cosplay as Kyoko. Anyone that doesn't like it gets the business end of the clipboard. XD
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:;points gun to head then fires:: Gia while this is true its slightly annoying with the "music" and kids dont do a half assed cosplay theres a few steps to doing a good cosplay
STEPA: analyze-make sure to analyze your skin tone,weight, height, your hair can be colored/dyed if necassry or simply wigged for people with curly/wavey hair get it permed perferably at a salon as one of the home kits can make ur hair worse
STEPB:research-make sure to research the materails your working with when cosplaying such as props to whether the costume is made from simple fabric to leather remember to always analyze the material several times just to be sure.
STEPC:shop-Look around set a budget and try to find amedium to high and ur broke for a few months to low and a shitty cosplay outfit. Remember to also campare the quality of the costumes on the interent.
STEPD:Stage and make up- be sure to have several people help you out with setting up the costume preferably the hair that can be the hardest part to prep up especially if you dont have straight hair make sure not to over use hair gel as it looks WAY to shiny when captured on a camera heres a list of companies that make VERY DECENT porducts, American Crew for men offers plenty of Gel alternatives for guys, Paul Mitchell just offers everything, Marc Anthony simply straight  with a single application will give u asian straight har no joke, Bed Head offers EXTREME hold.
STEPE:drama-make sure to capture the mod of the cosplayed character by thinking like him/her this isnt neccasary unless you plan on taking pictures. Remember a smile is wrth a million bucks
hope this helps out
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