The Making of a Yoko Wig, Part 1

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So I got my wigs in the mail recently and I have started to mess around with them. This is the first time I'm dealing with styling a wig since other my other cosplays didn't have wigs that needed major styling. You can follow my triumph (or downfall) of my process right here on the Vice. So let's begin with a few pictures.

This is the Femme Fatale Wig from Amphigory. I should have taken a picture of the backside but it slipped my mind. Anyway, it's rather curly at the ends of the wig so I had to straighten it. I found a tutorial online from Katie Bair's website where it shows you step by step how to straighten a wig out.

I boiled some water to roughly 180 degrees Fahrenheit and here's how it looks all wet and icky:

Holy tequito Batman it works!

Amazingly, it is super duper straight now. It took forever to dry though... even when I left it outside.

Now here's where I ran into a bit of a conundrum. As I've said, I never styled a wig before so I was trying to figure out what sections of wig fiber goes to which bang. Yoko has bangs and random pieces of hair all over the place.

From my circled diagram (fear my awesome Photoshop skills):

There are five main sections I have to deal with. There's two long parts that are symmetrical on her head (they're kinda like sideburns but... not). Then there's two side bangs where one floats to the side miraculously (where the skull pin is) while the other floofs up. The last bang is the one in the middle.

So after staring at my wig for God knows how long, I've sectioned them off with hair ties and clips:

It looks quite funky since it isn't styled yet but I kinda know what I'm doing (I think... and hope).

As for my other wig (Punky XL) I ordered:

I started straightening it a bit more since it was folded from delivery. Instead of using Katie's method, I used Catherine Jone's method. It turned out good because it took out all of the random creases that were on the wig. I will be using a large hair clip to attach this wig as a ponytail. When I fake ponytailed it to my real hair, it reaches roughly my bum so I'm happy about the length of it.

And now I fear my pair of scissors because I will now start styling my bangs... It's the moment of truth and I will make my first wig cut today. Wish me luck.

In non-wig news, I got a new computer. Here's a picture:

I'm still not used to the monitor being so huge.

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Post by Sonata (36,369 posts) See mini bio Level 20
Awesome job Red just keep a steady hand with the scissors and you should do just fine :)

Also, that's a sweet computer you guy thereXD
Post by Lan (621 posts) See mini bio Level 13
I'm so excited, scared, and nervous for you! I've been anxiously wanting to see someone else who's new to wigs style one! It looks like you're making great progress so far with the straightening the wigs and sectioning them off. I wouldn't have thought to do that first. Crossing my fingers for you; I'm sure it'll turn out awesome! You've been putting a lot of time, research and care into this. Keep us posted!
Post by Niko (865 posts) See mini bio Level 8
Good luck with your wig. I'm sure it'll go well.

Also, I want to steal your monitor.
Post by Lunarmoth (193 posts) See mini bio Level 5
All I can say is good luck and god speed. And be brave.

mmm.... nice comp.

Post by lordhaseo (2,509 posts) See mini bio Level 7
id ask ya out!
Post by lordhaseo (2,509 posts) See mini bio Level 7
thats sexy
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