Really, Really Expensive 'Cosplay'

Topic started by gia on Aug. 26, 2009. Last post by lanaswift 5 years, 7 months ago.
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G-I-G Shrug
G-I-G Shrug
Cosplay isn't cheap. Whether you make your own costume (fabric isn't cheap, folks), commission them, or otherwise purchase them, odds are good you'll spend at least a good hundred bucks, and possibly as much as several hundred. (Any cosplayers out there? How much do you spend?)

Kingdom Hoodie
Kingdom Hoodie
But if you want some real help-- and some really gorgeous stuff --you should check out this site I stumbled upon via an ad on Gmail, of all things. It's called and is a Canada-based retailer of anime/game/TV/movie-inspired goods. I suspect that most of the Ghost in the Shell, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Trigun-inspired stuff will appeal-- and probably most of the rest, which tends to be Firefly, with a bit of Mad Max tucked in.

My favorite item is most decidedly the one that was being advertised, a Ghost in the Shell leather shrug inspired by one of star Motoko Kusanagi's outfits. Hot! They've also got a really nice hoodie based on the Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII trenchcoats, which I would absolutely love to have. Unfortunately, they're $99 CAD and $69 CAD respectively ($89.10/$62.10 USD)-- and those are on sale. That's about as cheap as this stuff gets...

Go ahead, look over the " all products" page and drool a bit. What would you order? Maybe the Akira "pill" jacket? A Squall jacket? Go on, fantasize!
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Well of course it's going to be expensive if it uses leather in it (referring to the GITS outfit)... and judging from the looks and prices on some of the other stuff, I don't think it's fake leather either.
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Aww! Why did you have to show me this! 
....I want that Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII hoodie! Like REALLY, REALLY want! :P
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That Hoodie is awesome!XD
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Cosplay is an expensive hobby, but if you love it and want to do it well, you gotta shell out. Let's see the Devout costume Baku and I made was about $50, the skirt for Mio cosplay, alone, was $50, and the Sakura Infinity costume I just commissioned is $200. Those costumes actually look like they are made with real, quality materials. There are details in these costumes that are lacking in the cheap, Halloween anime character or anime inspired costumes we've been seeing lately. The site is obviously limited in its costume choices and is meant to appeal to a certain group of customers. Not a lot of female costumes either, unless a girl is wanting to crossplay.
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That is an aaaawesome hoodie.

And, yes, good cosplay is insanely expensive no matter how you do it.

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