NONSENSE FROM THE NOOB: What's with the Cosplay Haters?

Topic started by No_name_here on May 19, 2010. Last post by Kuma_From_Argentina 2 years, 3 months ago.
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I’m sure I’m preaching to the converted, but I felt compelled to do something about cosplay here after I did a piece relating the subject for AV’s sister site, Comic Vine. Basically, there’s this guy who got a write-up in Popular Science for dropping four grand to build his own semi-practical, very realistic-looking War Machine suit (an armored character who’s basically Iron Man’s buddy.) Sure enough, the talkbacks on PS mostly ran the line of calling this guy a loser for being a grown man playing dress up. That kind of “commentary” reminded me of a lot of sentiment I’ve heard at comics convention, from fans and pros alike, regarding cosplayers roaming the aisles. Being on this site, I’ve found that the worlds of manga/anime and comics share more than a few commonalities, so I’m sure you've all heard that same kind of poo-pooing at anime conventions, as well.

Will I ever make or wear a costume for a show, myself? Probably not, but I certainly appreciate those who do. Where others’ eyes roll over the geekiness they see, my eyes see creativity. I see craft and ingenuity. I see art.  And I don’t think art should ever be discouraged.  “Mainstream culture” seems to have an awfully long list of interests and hobbies it deems you shouldn’t enjoy. You’re too old to read books with pictures. You’re too old to watch cartoons. You’re too old to wear a costume to anything except a Halloween party. And so on.

What’s worse, in my opinion, is when fans of one “fringe” hobby stick their nose up at another. They’ll scoff at some guy dropping four grand to make a one-of-kind suit right after they’ve dropped $60 for a box set. Or $200 for a collectible figure. I just don’t get the sentiment. The fundamental appeal of comics, of film, of of manga, of anime, for me is the chance to step into another world.  Take away these larger-than-life characters at a show and what do you have surrounding you, instead? A lot of plain, ordinary people - - just like you see every other day of the year.

So I say, bring on the cosplayers at the next convention I go to. I’m hoping I won’t be able to look in any direction without seeing a Sora or a Sailor Moon or even a Pikachu.  The more outlandish, the better. You know, I’ve been enjoying Eva so much, I’d love to see a Rei, an Asuka or a Misato on the floor.

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Some people just love the thrill of emulating a character that they like/respect. While I haven't gotten a real costume put together yet due to my inability to sew without hurting myself, even if I put on a few key accessories pertaining to a certain character (i.e.: Haruhi's headband and armband), it just feels nice.
Then there are the people who just love the challenge of putting together grand and amazing clothes that they probably wouldn't be able to get away with wearing most of the time...
Plus, if you have the money, time and passion -- why the hell not?
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I'm not an incredible fan of the cosplay, but I do have to admire it when it's done well.
I seem to remember many years back some engineering students that wowed the crowd in a costume contest at a Star Trek convention. They made incredibly detailed borg outfits. I wouldn't say the guy who dropped four grand is a loser, but I sure as hell wouldn't let him handle my finances.
Costumes just never look like the most comfortable things, and if you are going to a convention that is jammed with people. Comfort is priority to me.
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While I'm fine with cosplay. I can understand at least the idea of why someone would hate a certain portion of their fellow fandom. In comic books and manga/anime when eithier of the subject are brought up to the general public generally the first thing that flashes in their head or in a news story is those weird cosplay people. Not even good cosplayers but the worse possible example of large people in tiny costumes and man faye. So the general assumpion for people when you mention you like one of these then they say something is "oh so dress up and go to those crazy conventions." It's like how gamers don't like 12 boys who scream the most foul of language on Xbox Live. Because to the general public if you like games you must be like that 12 year old kid.
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If it exists people will hate it.
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I'm a cosplayer and not only is there the kind of hate mentioned in the article but, sadly, I've found that the more you resemble "a hot chick in skimpy clothing" the less people hate you. (Since I do not resemble a hot chick in skimpy clothing, I get a lot more haters than some of my friends who are a lot closer to hot chicks in bikinis.) This whole nasty sub-attitude that cosplay is 100% eyecandy for male congoers and nothing else is something that really needs to GO AWAY.
On the other hand, while it can be expensive and hair-pulling frustrating at times, cosplay has been an incredibly rewarding hobby for me that has helped me meet some of the most amazing people in my life, and that has given me more fun than I ever thought I'd have. If you have the money to blow and the time to learn to do it properly (or the money to blow on a good commission), I highly recommend trying it. It's fun!!!
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yeah i see a reason
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I'm currently trying to find a used car for less than $4,000. The fact that someone would spend the same amount of money on a costume makes me very sad.
Cosplay in itself is fun. I never spend more than an hour or two on my costume (sketch it out, pick out the appropriate clothes, go to the crafts store if I have to); being at a con and taking pictures with other cosplayers (or fans of whoever you're playing) is a thrill.
I get a smidge annoyed when people cosplay something not at all right for their body type (ManFaye or chubby girls playing skinny characters (not that there are many chubby characters) but I don't seem to mind cross-play) or when they simply buy something  pre-made (*cough*loligoth*cough*). But, meh, it doesn't hurt anyone.
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I've Cosplayed once myself and really enjoyed it when I went to my first Anime Convention. 
My costume was simple: a pair of jeans,a white shirt (which was very hard to find at that time),
some eye makeup, and little bit of hair gel. I cosplayed as L from Death Note in case you wondered.
One thing that was funny was that there were 4 other Ls there besides myself. XD
I like to cosplay and I enjoy seeing others cosplay too.
The only things I don't like are: chubby girls cosplaying as skinny characters and ManFaye Cosplayers.
That's all I can think of at moment.
I don't mind Crossplay however as long as it's in good taste and stay faithful to the character.
I hope to make a more detailed costume by the next time I go to an Anime Convention.
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Hilariously, at our last convention, my mate kvetched endlessly about 'lazy' people playing L. I tend to agree unless your impression is really good. "Hey, hey you. You in the jeans and eye makeup. SIT IN THE CHAIR LIKE L OR TAKE THE FREAKING SHIRT OFF. PUT YOUR FEET. ON. THE CHAIR."
I've only crossplayed once, as Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho. At first I stayed in character, but a) almost no one recognized the character (;_;) and b) his personality is more extreme than mine. I did, however, get annoyed with two crossplaying girls (Roxas and Axel) who claimed to be straight but then MADE OUT because 'the characters are totally in love with each other'. On the bright side, they'd made some great wigs for their closet COSTUME, I MEANT COSTUME.
Come to think of it, I tend to suck at cosplay because I don't watch many modern shows and therefore only dress up as old-school characters that no one recognizes. I think the newest character I've ever done is Mitsuko from Persona 3, and exactly four people in an entire convention hall recognized me. However, it was worth it to see my mate as Akihiko!
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I get what'cha mean. ^^; 
I cosplayed as him because I really like his character and it was the quickest costume I could come up with at the time
since I found out about the convention only a few weeks before and I didn't have time to make one from scratch 
(I barely found the shirt believe it or not).  
I didn't want to stand out like a sore thumb being one of the few not cosplaying. XD
 I hope to make a Rukia or an Akatsuki costume or...there's just so many characters I'd like to cosplay 
that I can't even think of them all! 8D
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So, Anthony Le dropped $4K on a costume he built for himself? I don't see what the big deal is. If he has that much money to spend, let him spend it however way he wants. But I gotta wonder if the people calling him a "loser" on the internets would do that to his face? Oh, wait. Nevermind; I already know the answer to that one.  
Also, Mr. Le visits local children's hospitals to bring smiles to kids' faces in his $4K costumes. As far as I'm concerned, he wins!
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@transgojobot:  Well said, man.
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I don't hate cosplay.
I just never have ever seen a good Shinobu Maehara cosplay. 
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@transgojobot: "Also, Mr. Le visits local children's hospitals to bring smiles to kids' faces in his $4K costumes." That money could have paid medical bills or gone toward research. Keeping ill children hopeful is important, but it can be done more practically.
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@FekketCantenel: so you would hate me who goes around buying techy stuff up to say 6 k every visit to japan?
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I don't see any issues with those who choose to take part in cosplay....and I can't see why people would hate those who take part in it.

 Cosplay...beloved yet hated by all?
 Cosplay...beloved yet hated by all?
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@cfatalis:  First off, I don't hate. Second, tech is practical; a costume isn't.
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people who hate on cosplay are the real losers who need to grow up. 
you do what makes you happy in this life.
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i love cosplay much ,and people have the right to release their love for anime as cosplay , so if you dont not like it, just leave away . in my opinion , cosplay make people have lot of halloween days happy:)
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