Japan Reacts: Fate/South Korea

Topic started by gia on June 17, 2009. Last post by transgojobot 5 years, 8 months ago.
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Japan seems to be making a minor fuss on 2ch over South Korea's entrants into the World Cosplay Summit for 2009, who are dressed as Gilgamesh and Saber from Fate/Stay Night. Here are some of the comments:
  1. “Yeah, I thought their faces  looked Korean.”
  2. “If they don't talk it's like they're perfectly Japanese.”
  3. “Definitely if they don't talk, they could pass for Japanese.” (There was actually a semi-slur used in this one.)
  4. “What's with you guys? You don't have that expectation for [Ranma 1/2's] Shampoo, [Gundam 00's] Wang Liu Mei, or [Negima's] Chao Lingshen and stuff.”
  5. “They are undisguisedly Korean.”
  6. “As I thought, you really can see distinctions between the faces of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. Is it because the food is different?”
  7. “Fate is the origin of Korea.”
  8. “Korean Saber?”
  9. “Isn't that actually Saint Seiya?”
  10. “I don't think so.” (in response to #3)
  11. “No no no no no” (in response to #3)
  12. “Saber looks like that gross AA doesn't she? LOL” (AA = Ascii Art)
  13. “And with this, the world ends. South Korea's challenger heart is terrible.”
  14. “It's not hanihani-chan, so go back!”
  15. “I don't understand what this thread is about, but I'm waiting for the thread for our country.”
Definitely not what I was expecting as a response. I wonder if they think American cosplayers should look Japanese as well? That said, I think the cosplayers look pretty awesome.
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#9..... kill yourself please.

Personally I think they did a pretty nice job, who cares what race they are? They never seemed to make a big deal out of foreigners cosplaying at comiket...
And plus it's Fate. That alone makes me give them +20 respect.

Wait a second, this is a "World" cosplay summit invitation right? so what's the big deal?
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Thanks gia, it's interesting hearing the stuff said on 2ch (despite the sometimes vulgarity and rascism), hope to see more of it.
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Stay classy 2ch.
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