I recently bought some anime contact lenses

Topic started by Kurohige on Nov. 7, 2010. Last post by sickVisionz 4 years, 4 months ago.
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Sorry I don't have a camera of myself wearing them but these are the ones my awesome brother and parents got me: 


Too bad they only last 90 days but it's a good deal for only 10 bucks.
I haven't tried them on yet though but they look awesome.
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Be careful.  Those type of contacts can mess your eyes up if you wear them as long as regular contacts.
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@sickVisionz: Why?
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Costume lenses are made to be part of a costume and there's an assumption that people won't be wearing them for too long without taking them out (ie it's not like people will wear them for an 8-hour work shift).  Normal contacts are always pushing for things like letting liquid pass through and being safe to wear for extended periods of time while costume lenses focus more on their looks and things that will enhance that.  Costume lenses aren't unsafe or anything like that, assuming you're wearing them like they're supposed to be warn, but they usually come with a warning advising against prolonged usage.
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Yeah. I got some blue contact lenses for my Canada and Lithuania cosplay. They were cheap and didn't last all that long, but my optometrist told me I shouldn't wear them due to my eye problems. :'(
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SHARINGAN!!! Awesome! u should totally cosplay as an uchiha and take loads of pics!
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That looks crazy.  I want real photos of you eyes
Post by sickVisionz (4,332 posts) See mini bio Level 24
@Kurohige: Posts pics of how they look.  I started to buy the 3 pronged version a few years ago but I read that these types of lenses are a waste if your eyes are dark because the color won't show up that well.  My eyes are dark brown to it was a no go.  I'd be interested in seeing how they look on you, especially if you have dark eyes.
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