I Could Make That: Cat-Ear Headphones

Topic started by gia on Aug. 7, 2009. Last post by Kelleth 5 years, 7 months ago.
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I'm not sure if these are aimed at catgirl maids who want to rock out while they work, catgirl cosplayers who want to dance for the cameras, or just us crazies who would willingly wear cat ears while on the bus/bicycling/walking down the street...but it's kind of an interesting product.

It's basically a pair of cat ears with earbuds plugged into them. The problem is, I hate earbuds...but now that I have the idea, I can't imagine that it would be very difficult to work something like that out with a more comfortable pair of headphones.

I really like the idea, though-- you know me, I'm all about merch that's useable, and I'd probably wear 'em at a con. Would you guys use something like this ever?

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In-ear earbuds are MUCH more comfortable than ear-mashing headphones. Normal earbuds? Yeah, don't bother.
While I enjoy the idea of this "invention", I don't really go for the actuality. Give me a set of more realistic ears and I'll think about it. : D
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@Karasu: In-ear earbuds kill my ears, period. I've never had a good pair in my life. Blech!
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these look better
these look better
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